Quarantine Files: The Way I Got Closer To My Dad When Further Apart Than Ever

Written by: Haley J – March 26th 2020, 1:33pm pst

Life is challenging us right now. I think we can all agree that in times of hardship, we either let it build us or break us.

“Distance yourself from others, don’t go anywhere unnecessarily, prepare your home for at least two weeks of supplies.”

These are scary words to hear even for someone like me who is thankfully living with a healthy body and more support from friends and family imaginable. In my gratitude, I thought of the irony of getting the closest to people in our lives while facing the greatest distance.

credit: modernmomlife.com

The article above presented my sister and I the opportunity to ask our dad questions that we’ve never known the answer to. Honestly, questions I never even thought to ask.

credit: Haley J

All I know of my dad is who he is after I was born and realized there’s no better time than now to really get to know those people we consider closest to us. I encourage you all to click the link below and ask your parents these questions too.

credit: Haley J

In a time of the unknown, it can be way too easy to let our minds wander to a dark place. The importance of humanity and true connection is more important than ever before. Learning the lessons in the journey is the only way THROUGH and will build us up to be stronger than we ever knew imaginable. You in?


Below is a very accurate representation of how my dad thinks FaceTime works ;)

credit: Haley J

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Haley J is an an Entertainment Host for AfterbuzzTV with a focus on wellness and mental health. She currently hosts Super Soul Sit Down- an after show based off of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast. She loves to express creativity through means of writing, music and fashion. She aspires to work her way up to a major television hosting platform such as E Entertainment or Access Hollywood.

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