Top 10 Women’s Wrestling Interviews You Should Watch for Women’s History Month

Written by: Emily Mae Heller – March 26th 2020, 1:05pm pst

Every week our Women’s Wrestling Weekly hosts, TK Trinidad and Emily Mae interview female wrestling talent to discuss the dynamic industry, careers, personal lives, dream matches with talent across WWE, NXT, Impact, WOW, and the independent scene.

We are not only celebrating Women’s History month but many wrestling shows and promotions, large and small, have canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 virus and many fans are missing their wrestling content. So, Women’s Wrestling Weekly is here for you!

We’ve collected and highlighted some of the most touching, exciting and entertaining interviews over the course of Women’s Wrestling Weekly’s 100-plus episodes. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Jazz

credit: NWA

In this October 2019 interview, former NWA World Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Women’s Champion shares what it’s like to work with WWE and AEW, her possible challenge for the NWA Championship, defining her legacy and what’s next for her in-ring career.
Full interview:

2. Naomi

credit: WWE

In this recent interview in February 2020, WWE Superstar, Naomi shares with our hosts why she took some time off from WWE, what it was like returning to the ring at Royal Rumble, her struggles with racism in the industry, and her dream matches.

Full interview:

3. Awesome Kong

credit: AEW

AEW Wrestling Star, Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong talks about the hit Netflix series Glow, what that role has meant to her, how she started in professional wrestling, and how she feels like a pioneer to a specific generation of women in the industry.

Full interview:

4. Lita (Amy Dumas), Gail Kim & Chrissy Hemme

credit: Kayfabe

In a recent interview on March 11th, 2020, these dynamic wrestling legends joined us in the studio to chat about their new project Kayfabe, the struggles of perception, women’s representation and diversity in their new project and the industry as a whole.

Full interview:

5. Shaul Guerrero

credit: WWE

From a December 2018 interview, Shaul talks about her debut in Lucha Underground, announcing for WOW, and her work in the WWE. She’s currently a burlesque dancer, named Miss Nyxon living in Chicago!

Full interview:

6. Shelly Martinez

credit: “Sign Of The Times” Model Convention

Recently retired, this intense and revealing interview from October 2018, Shelly shares her experience in WWE, TNA, and the independent circuit.

Full interview:

7. Chelsea Green

credit: NXT

From May 2019, NXT star Chelsea Green shares with us what her last indie match was like, her first moments at the WWE Performance Center, her NXT announcement, engagement to Zack Ryder and more.

Full interview:

8.Angelina Love

credit: ROH

In this November 2019 interview, ROH star shares what she’s learned in her 19-plus career in the wrestling industry, how she battles negative comments on body image, how women’s wrestling has changed since she started and where it’s going.

Full interview:

9. Nyla Rose

credit: AEW

In an October 2019 interview, Nyla Rose shares her experience with AEW, how it feels to help build one of the biggest wrestling brands and her place in the sports industry.

Full interview:

10. Bayley

credit: WWE

This June 2019, Bayley chats about her rise to become Smackdown Women’s champion and what she sees for herself in the next five to ten years!

Full Interview:

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About The Author:

Emily Mae Heller is an Emmy-nominated film, tv, live events, and theatre producer, born and raised in Los Angeles with a deep passion for storytelling, sports, and entertainment.

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