It’s a #PumpRules Twitter War! Kristen Doute vs. Stassi Schroeder – Who Will Win?

Written by: Jane Johnsen – March 26th 2020, 11:55am pst

Last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules featured a big fight between Witches of Weho wine founders, Stassi and Kristen. Their heated drama continued on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules After Show and also on the #1 hot spot for drama: Twitter.

credit: Bravo

credit: Bravo

On this episode of the aftershow, Kristen had harsh words for her business partner after Stassi said she didn’t want to continue working on the wine brand once their contract was up. Kristen said, “In a couple of years, no one could give a sh*t about her F***ing podcast! Who wants to hear in 10 years, a 40-year-old talking about a pop culture podcast? Like, slow your F***ing roll! I don’t kiss the ring, and Stassi Schroeder you are much younger than me and bitch, you were nothing a few years ago.”

It seemed that Kristen was open to apologizing for her harsh words, when she tweeted “I’m not above apologizing or explaining my feelings. I don’t want my opinions to be misconstrued.”

credit: Stassi Schroeder Twitter

And it does look like Stassi did misconstrue Kristen’s tweet when she tweeted back “Cool that you’re ‘not apologizing’ for making fun of my podcast/how I’m probably going to come crashing down/that no one will want to listen to it when I’m 40.”

credit: Kristen Doute twitter

Then here’s where things really heated up. Kristen tweeted at Stassi, “And now you’re just attempting to trash me publicly after we’ve been texting about this for the past hour.” Kristen did say that she apologized to Stassi over text.

To which a fan @CaityMayMaryon replied, “Maybe because your responding to tweets trashing @stassi and @MusicKillsKate (aka Katie Maloney) while praising you, about the same thing you’re trying to apologize over. Come on girl”.

credit: Katie Maloney Twitter

And Katie responded, “She doesn’t get it… and maybe never will.” Mic drop!

Stassi did say that there are much more important things happening in the world right now and she’s embarrassed that she’s currently triggered by show stuff. She’s not wrong about that, but we’re still living for the drama! Let me know in the comments whose side you’re on in this feud, and be sure to subscribe for more Vanderpump News Daily!

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