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Written by: Chelsie Overocker – March 25th 2020,3:52pm pst

Ashley Tisalde is getting through self-quarantine by sending positive vibes, hanging out with her cute pup, and doing what she does best: making TikToks.

Ashley knows this is a hard time for everyone but she isn’t forgetting to support her favorite local restaurants and reminding everyone to do the same!

credit: Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram

“I just want to say a humongous thanks to All Time. One of my favorite restaurants…I got all of these amazing fresh vegetables from them, potatoes, and meat and protein. I did not have to go to the grocery store. They made it easy for me so thank you.”

Ashley is also sending out positive vibes reminding us that we are not alone.

“It’s pretty wild when stuff like this happens, how people really come through and in a weird way I think even though we are all separated, I feel like we are all coming together. We’re there for each other and that’s important.”

Very true Ashley! You should share more uplifting Instagram stories more often. We can all definitely use it during this scary time.

“I know we are all feeling this, we are all in this together.”

Speaking of together, Ashely created a TikTok dancing to the famous High School Musical song, “We’re All In This Together”, and the best part…she is doing the dance!

credit:Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram

“If you need to work out while on #selfquarantine try this! Hopefully this will brighten your day a little!”

Ashley this totally brightened our day and we’re not the only ones! A couple of the cast members decided to make their own versions of the song.

Bart Johnson, who played Coach Bolton, joined in, dueting with Ashley and performing the dance moves alongside her. Our favorite part of the video is Bart wearing an East High sweatshirt because he knows you can’t be a true Wildcat without getting your head in the game!

credit: Bart Johnson’s Instagram

“Let’s GOOOO TikToc!! This ones for my WILDCATS. Day 2 of Quarantine LOCKDOWN but you know coach gotta hit the cardio/swool program..”

Another wildcat that decided to join in was Kaycee Stroh (who played Martha Cox) with her two daughters in the background dancing along, which is adorbs!

credit: Kaycee Stroh’s Instagram

Next, can we please have Zac Efron make a video?

When Ashley isn’t busy putting together cool TickTock videos she is hanging out with her cute pup.

credit: Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram

“Just interrupting your feed with some cool wholesome puppy content.”

You can always interrupt our feed with your puppy who is also caught chewing on Ashely’s pillow….busted!

credit: Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram

Lastly, if you’re feeling lost during quarantine Ashley has got you covered! She shared to Instagram about putting together a schedule during the week that can make you feel a little normal.

credit: Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram

“All dressed up and no where to go.” Ashley states, “I recommend putting a schedule together during the week so there’s a bit of normalcy. Maybe learn something new to keep your brain active. Right now my schedule has a lot of meditation, yoga, and reading…love you guys!”

We love you Ashley! Thanks for the recommendation. I think trying to improve our dance skills on TikTok is something we can add in our daily routine. Well call it the Start of Something New.

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