Miley Cyrus Gets BTS Vanderpump Details from Stassi Schroeder on Her Live Instagram Show Bright Minded

Written by: Jane Johnsen – March 25th 2020, 12:55pm pst

It’s no secret that not all celebrities are doing the best job of comforting the masses during this time of uncertainty. But after tuning into Miley’s new live instagram talk show Bright Minded today, I can confirm that she and the Cyrus fam are killing the game (duh)! Especially considering Miley booked our favorite basic bitch, Stassi Schroeder, as a guest on her show which Miley created for fans to tune into on weekdays during these quarantined times.

On the show, Miley promoted Stassi’s book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook, and said that this is a great time for people at home to start writing their own books! This might be easier said than done, as Stassi was very vocal about her book writing process being incredibly difficult. She said on Miley’s show that “writing up the proposal for the book was the hardest part”, and ultimately she decided to write about what she knows. Stassi said her book is about “embracing what you love and not being ashamed of it”.

Stassi told Miley that she’s been spending her quarantine rewatching Real Housewives of New York, decorating her new home, and enjoying Beau’s cooking. When Miley asked if she’s had a bit too much of Beau in quarantined times, Stassi said, “The thing is, we already are together all the time. We work together, he went on tour with me. This doesn’t bother me, being stuck with him. I miss going to The Grove and things like that. He can just go into the other room and play video games.” Stassi also stressed that now is the time to “relax, decompress and recharge your batteries… When are we ever given a time that we’re forced to just be?”

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Then Miley got into the nitty gritty with Stassi about the reality of the show and it’s heightened drama. She said, “I’m obsessed with your show, it is drama encouraging. I become conflict-seeking after I watch Vanderpump Rules. I start trying to cause drama because it looks like so much fun on the show.” She then asked Stassi how she draws the line after filming, when she transitions back into her real life. Stassi said, “These are my friends, so even though I only film three months out of the year, I’m still around them. I just find ways to decompress.” In a way she agreed with Miley in saying, “I feel like when people watch Vanderpump rules it drives them to drink more.”

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credit: Bravo

Miley then asked, “Do you ever lose yourselves and forget the cameras are there?”

Stassi said, “That’s the worst. It’s always when you get wasted. I’ve forgotten the cameras were there since Season 1… Watching the scenes back being like, ‘I don’t remember it that way’. Who knows what they said when they were wasted?!”

credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram

During the live stream, Miley praised queen bee Lisa Vanderpump, calling her a genius. She compared Lisa’s establishments to being like Disneyland for Vanderpump fans. Miley recently threw a party at Tom Tom and said that it felt just like the show! Lisa’s dog was on the bar, and all the mainstays were there working and celebrating.

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