Dante Hoagland Is The Last O.G. Lover of Fashion and XBOX

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 25th 2020, 11:47am pst

Dante Hoagland got his big break in acting at a fairly young age with credits such as BET’s The New Edition Story and NBC’s 30 Rock already under his belt, but his latest stint as Shahzad on TBS’s The Last O.G. is where he’s really gotten to shine.

credit: TBS

Dante sat down to talk with me about The Last O.G., his longtime love of fashion and what he’s been up to during quarantine, all with his XBOX controller in hand.

When discussing his personal style, Dante emphasized the importance of being unapologetic in one’s fashion and how he dresses for him. “I don’t care, you know, what other people say. I just like wearing whatever I like to wear”, he said.

credit: Dante Hoagland Instagram

We went on to talk about what he’s been up to during his time at home and he shared his daily quarantine routine with me. “I mainly just like to work out first to try to, you know, get my body up”, he shared. He continued to break down the rest of his routine, which includes schoolwork, as he is still in school and is currently being homeschooled, as well as some time playing video games with friends and listening to music.

credit: Dante Hoagland Instagram

If you want to keep up with Dante or possibly hit him up on XBOX Live, you can find him on Instagram @therealdantehoagland and on Twitter @dante_hoagland.

You’ll want to be the first O.G. to check out Dante’s full interview, and don’t miss all the episodes of Quarantine With The Stars here on AfterBuzz TV.

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