Darren Barnet on his Eye-Candy Roles in Never Have I Ever And American Pie

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 25th 2020, 11:33 am pst

Darren Barnet had me in literal tears during his time playing Young Jack on NBC’s This Is Us, but never has he ever tackled a project quite like this one.

credit: @darrenbarnet instagram

Darren is set to play the “eye candy” role of Paxton Hall-Yoshida on Mindy Kaling’s new hilarious dramedy Never Have I Ever. Darren describes Paxton as the “aloof, cool guy jock that, on the surface, seems somewhat shallow, but he has hidden layers to him that, you know, you’ll see as he develops throughout the show.”

credit: Netflix

I brought up a spicy, shirtless still from the show that he posted on his Instagram and when I asked if I was right to assume that he’s playing the heart-throb on the show he shared, “I will say I was in the gym for like a month leading up to this because I knew I was gonna be shirtless.” He also mentioned that the show definitely has some eye-candy moments, but he made sure to clarify that he’s “more than just a piece of meat”. I could not stop laughing!

If you want to see more of Darren, preferably with his shirt off (because literally same), check out his Instagram @darrenbarnet.

credit: @darrenbarnet Instagram

You can also catch him in other eye-candy roles like the upcoming American Pie spinoff American Pie Presents: Girls Rules and a super top-secret role he couldn’t tell me too much about!

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