Married To My Streaming Services: An Isolation Story – Week 2

Written by: Trina Dong – March 25th 2020, 11:07am pst

It’s week two of my marriage to streaming services and I must say it’s going quite well. We’ve only had one fight so far. I won’t go into detail, but I chose forgiveness in the end. This week was unintentionally packed with strong female leads all doing what they have to do in order to prove themselves.

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Something Old: She’s the Man (MAX GO)

When Cornwall’s girls soccer team gets cut, Viola (Amanda Bynes) poses as her brother Sebastian at his new school to play on the boys soccer team. His new roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum), knows something is off but is soon convinced that he’s the man.

Amanda Bynes could not be more perfect in this role. She made us cringe every scene in the best way. This classic tale of trying to prove that girls are just as good as boys manages to keep us all laughing while the point is proven for the millionth time.

The film challenges gender stereotypes from all angles. While I would love to think that we’ve progressed enough to not need to be re-exposed to these archetypes over and over again, I’d be very wrong. And since it involves Amanda Bynes doing her best “bro” impression, I’m all in.

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Something New: Emma. (iTunes)

This is the latest adaption of the classic Jane Austen novel of the same name that came out last Friday, March 20. Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy) spends the majority of her time interfering with the lives of her friends and family for her own benefit.

I’ll be honest, it took everything in me to not compare this to the version starring Gwyneth Paltrow or even Clueless. What, you didn’t know Clueless was based on Emma? Anyway, I managed to leave my biases at the door because I really liked this version.

I love any storyline that has a love triangle or two. We all have an Emma in our lives. The one that plays matchmaker but also has selfish ulterior motives but regains good human consciousness when they find a love of their own. Tea spilled. Next!

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Something Borrowed: I.Q. (HBO GO)

Catherine (Meg Ryan) rolls up to Ed’s (Tim Robbins) auto repair shop. He falls in love at first sight and gets a hold of her address where he ends up meeting her uncle, Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau). Albert and his colleagues create an elaborate lie to convince Catherine to dump her fiancé for Ed.

Listen, I’d trade in every dating app in the world for Albert Einstein to be my matchmaker. He and his boys have the ride or die mentality that it takes to coerce love to blossom. I wouldn’t usually support dishonest high jinx to trick someone into falling in love, but this time it was for the right cause.

Catherine spends the majority of the film questioning Ed’s intelligence while simultaneously falling for him. She’s both jealous and intrigued, a unique state of mind that makes it hard to decide what you want her to do. She’s left to figure out what matters most in the game of love and science.

“Don’t let your brain interfere with your heart.” – Albert Einstein in I.Q.

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Something Blue: Brittany Runs A Marathon (Prime Video)

Inspired by a true story, Brittany Folger (Jillian Bell) is unhappy with her weight and her way of life in general. As she commits to making running a part of her daily routine, she starts to train for the New York City Marathon. Her life decisions and way of thinking become a struggle with everyone she is closest to.

From the beginning, Brittany comes off very hard to love but you want the best for her. We can all relate to feeling like we’ve lost ourselves and not being certain about how to get back on track. We get to see her repeat failing and getting back up throughout the film. It’s a great reminder that everything is going to be okay if you just try.

What makes this film so hard to watch is that you really want to shake her and tell her that it’s okay to let people care about you. My inevitable sobbing mostly occurred when she was running away from her feelings. I just kept saying, “No, girl! Run that marathon but not from love!” Sigh.

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So, there we have it. We made it through week 2 of isolation together. We want to hear what you’re watching too, so comment below and tell us! See you here next week!

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