Jonah Lees Talks Fairy Tales, Fight Scenes and Family Ties in The Letter For The King

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 24th 2020, 1:51pm pst

We sent a letter to Jonah Lees and asked him to join us for the Letter For The King AfterShow and he shared some of his royally favorite moments from his time as Jussipo on the show.

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After discussing Jussipo’s exciting character development in Episode 2, Jonah shed some light on some interesting family dynamics that occurred between him and his identical twin brother as well as the dynamic between two of his co-stars.

When asked about the dynamic between real-life father and daughter, Andy and Ruby Serkis, who play the Mayor of Mistrinaut and Lavinia on the Netflix series, he had nothing but great things to say about their on and off screen relationship. “First of all, it just jumps off the screen, you can’t fake that chemistry”, he said. Jonah also elaborated on how he was a fan of Andy’s work and that Andy was “such a sweet guy” on set.

Jonah went on to share another family dynamic when discussing how he got to work alongside his brother, who also happens to be an actor. “We had that real chemistry and we were playing brothers”, he said, when talking about his work on the 2015 film Tale of Tales. He also mentioned how Tale of Tales tells a very dark fairy tale, which is a stark contrast to the family-friendly hero journey of Letter For The King.

When asked how he prepared for Jussipo’s fight scenes, Jonah was excited to share the training that went into the role. “We shot in two halves. We went to New Zealand and shot the first half of shooting there and then we went to Prague in the Czech Republic. In New Zealand, we went a month prior to shooting and had a month boot camp basically, and the boot camp was INTENSE”, he emphasized. He continued explaining the training regimen, which consisted of four hours of work per day inclusive of sword fighting, circuit training, and horseback riding.

Jonah noted that during this time training for combat scenes, he and his fellow castmates also got a chance to bond, and this helped with their on-screen chemistry.

“We all just got to bond together and, if anything else, I think that was an amazing time for us to gather that chemistry because before we’d even filmed the first scene, we spent a month together like carrying each other on each other’s backs. It was like an Army boot camp. So we were all physically fit and ready to ride horses all day, and sword fight”, he shared with a laugh.

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Jonah also mentioned how collaborative the sword fighting training process was when he shared how a sword master in Prague helped them to make each fight scene their own. “When I came to it, I wanted a more of a Spanish-y, kind of Zorro kind of thing going on and they incorporated this half-Italian style of sword fighting with like ninja-like style”, he shared when discussing the fighting style that he helped craft for Jussipo.

When he’s not sword fighting and horseback riding on Letter For The King, you can catch Jonah on some other fun shows and films. Jonah played Jimmy Swaggart in the 2017 series Sun Records as well as working alongside his twin brother in the 2015 dark fantasy Tale of Tales. If you want to keep up with Jonah or offer him your own Letter commending his work, you can find him @jonahlees on Instagram.

credit: @jonahlees on Instagram

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