Quarantine Life Hacks: Fitness routines to keep you sane!

Written by: Cristal McLaughlin – March 24th 2020 1:10pm pst

We are officially on lock down! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t use our imaginations; life is after all about improvising. I am here to share some of my very own Quarantine Life Hacks and todays topic is Fitness. Most people don’t have the luxury of owning workout equipment and since the gyms are shut down, what are we to do? WeIl, lucky for you, I have some QLH’s that should keep you positive, healthy and happy.

Credit:The Workout La


Upon my seclusion from the outside world, I discovered (while on Instagram) that there was more to life on social media platforms than sharing corona virus memes (don’t get me wrong, I love a good meme). Lucky for me I keep in close contact with likeminded friends who are worried this lock down will drive them bananas.

Friends began exchanging memes for workout routines which made me curious, because, after all, there isn’t much to do besides eat, and I don’t know about you but I still wanna look good for the summer (eats a piece of cheese).

A friend shared her boxing workout from Instagram Live, owner Alex Brenes of City of Angels who has been airing his workouts FREE! Talk about being generous and giving back to the community. You may ask however how can I do a workout if I have no equipment? This is where the improvising really kicks in.

This boxing cardio workout does use jump ropes, boxing gloves and hand weights, but they are not required. In fact instead of a jump rope I just imagined myself with one and jumped in place, and instead of gloves and weights I used soup cans, it’s really that easy.  Let’s not complicate things. The workout was empowering in so many ways. I felt like I could kick some butt after.  Watch out, corona virus! I got my heart rate up which felt amazing and I had a lot of fun utilizing what I had here at home.

Another fantastic workout I came across was also on Instagram, The Workout LA, which is owned by Nicole Haworth and Ashley Layfield. These two fierce ladies are also sharing their workouts on IG Live FREE! Their workout routine is unique combining Dance and Pilates, its a ton of fun and let me tell you the sweating game is super REAL. So you’ll definitely have to check out both of these generous gyms online and perhaps in person after we are freed.


A quick workout post:

Credit:The Workout La


Credit:The Workout La

One of their many workouts:

Maybe you’re tired from those workouts and you’re ready for something different. There are plenty of online workouts that charge a membership fee. What’s great is if you’re not ready to commit they are giving their new clients a chance to try them out FREE.

Check out My Open Fit, Beach Body and Bolly X Fitness you will not be dissapointed. If you’re on a budget another way to find some great workouts are by visiting Youtube. They have a variety of different courses, from yoga, to body sculpting, weights, cardio and so much more.

So many fantastic ideas to keep you sane and feeling like a rockstar while being confined.

Credit: Bolly x fitness


What ever it is you do, just do some kind of movement to get your heart rate up. These exercises can be really helpful in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, and you’ll benefit because you will look good and, most importantly, feel good. Remember if you do decide to go out and take a walk, just know it’s our obligation to protect our loved ones and our communities.

Practice social distancing and stay 6 feet away!

Protect yourself, mind, body and soul!
Quaratine life!!

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Cristal McLaughlin grew up in the Bay Area, she made her way to Hollywood to live her dream as an actress. She is a producer and host for Maria Menounos’ digital networks AfterBuzz TV. She’s passionate about meditation, her Lovebird Bogi and of course memes, you can always find her laughing @Cristal823 on IG.

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