How Ellen Degeneres Is Staying Busy During Quarantine!

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – Month Day, 2019 time pst

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Ellen Degeneres announced on March 13th that The Ellen Show is going on hiatus until March 30th due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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Until then the comedian has been doing her part by going into self-quarantine and posting funny videos to make us laugh. If you felt like being isolated this past week has made you stir crazy, you’re not the only one. Ellen is right there with you.

To pass the time Ellen has put together puzzle pieces…well, more like attempted to put together puzzle pieces.

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“So I’m bored I’m sure everybody is bored.” Ellen states, “I remembered I have a 4,000 piece puzzle…so this is going to keep me busy for at least an hour…it shouldn’t be that hard right?”

Not at all Ellen we appreciate your dedication!

“When I say I’m going to do something, I do it.  You know that about me.  It’s Ellen DO IT DeGeneres.”

We couldn’t agree more! However, Ellen did run into a problem when she started flipping over the puzzle pieces and putting them together.

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“What I realized is this 4,000 peices is ridiculous. I don’t have a table big enough..who does?” Ellen states, “I’m not going to do it becasue I’m not stupid its Ellen NOT STUPID DeGeneres is what my name is.”

No need to explain, Ellen.  We just admire you wanting to put a 4,000 piece puzzle together in the first place! Ah well.  Onto the next thing.

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Next, Ellen occupied her time by calling a few of her A-list friends and talking about their quarantining experience.

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One of the friends Ellen connected with was Jennifer Aniston. The popular Friends star shared that she is organizing her closet to bypass the time.

credit: Jennifer Aniston Instagram

“Not much different since the last time we spoke about 30 minutes ago,” Aniston states, “still cleanin out my closet..still happening”.

Jen is giving us good ideas to stay busy! What a perfect time for us to start our Spring cleaning.

Another friend Ellen recently spoke with was Mario Lopez and he is using this time to spend with his family.

credit; Mario Lopez Instagram

“We have three kids and two dogs. We like the chaos here at the house!” Mario states.

Ellen couldn’t agree more when face timing with the Saved By The Bell alumni.

credit: Ellen Degeneres Instagram

“There’s nothing better than babies and puppies when you have to stay home.” Ellen states.

We know it’s not boring over at the Lopez’s house!

Other A-list celebrities Ellen spoke with were Courtney Cox, Adam Levine (calling him on his birthday), Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, James Corden, and more. Be sure to check out Ellen’s Instagram to watch all the videos of her speaking with them.

When Ellen isn’t chatting with her friends she is performing magic tricks. Ellen is known as “do it” DeGeneres, so before she attempts to try it on her own she has to learn from the best, which is David Blaine.

Ellen shared a video of David demonstrating how to change your card to 4 of hearts by “shaking” or “snapping” the card. Easy…right?

credit; David Blaine Instagram

On Ellen’s next post she decided to give it a try and things didn’t turn out the way she expected.

Credit Ellen DeGeneres’s Instagram

“I guess I’m going to give it a try…you just have to shake it and it turns into 4 of hearts…it’s not working”

Don’t worry Ellen we were still entertained by you attempting to do the trick!

After struggling with puzzle pieces and magic tricks. Ellen found something she is good at which is building a lego architecture!

“Alight, it’s coming along you guys. I’m doing it! Ellen DO IT Degeneres is doing it!”

credit: Ellen Degeneres Instagram

Looks good Ellen please keep us updated on your progress because we got you covered!

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