Quarantine Fit: An Opportunity in Perspective

Written by: Sean McHugh  – March 22nd 2020, 12:38pm pst

Before the Coronavirus, any thoughts I had about “being quarantined” were reserved for the movies. Alien, Outbreak, Contagion, I Am Legend, Pandemic, and of course Quarantine.

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However, in light of recent events, life has begun imitating art and “being quarantined” is no longer a thought or idea, but a reality. So what do we do?

Well, unfortunately, our first instinct as human beings is to panic. Our “normal” way of life is quickly and drastically changing, and we don’t feel equipped to handle it. I started going down a bad path. I’ve seen The Walking Dead, I know how this goes. It’s time to stock up, lock down, and hunker in. But then what? After the initial shock of it all, and after I calmed down, I started to think about things a little differently.


Yes, we have to keep a safe distance. Yes, we have to alter how we do everything to ensure everyone’s well being. But what if instead of seeing this as a negative situation or punishment, we looked at it as an opportunity. The most common complaint most people have these days is, “I wish I had more time!” Well, as Daughtry sang to us, “be careful what you wish for…”

Now your first instinct is most likely going to be to binge and or get caught up on your DVR. And there is definitely a place for that. But this gift of time is also an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate your life. What project or goal have you been postponing? Is there maybe a toxic person or relationship that needs to be cut off or ended? How can I use “ being quarantined” as an opportunity to change my perspective?

When I think about being quarantined, the thought of prison comes to mind. The thought of being trapped with nowhere to go and nothing to do. And one of the first things people do in the movies do when they go to prison is start working out. As a means of survival, and as a way to pass the time.

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Think of Robert De Niro in Cape Fear, or even Uncle Iroh in The Last Airbender. They got “prison fit.” I am all for using this time to either start some sort of work out regimen, or double down on what you’re already doing. And with food supplies being less abundant, you are sure to get “quarantine fit.”

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But what if that term could have even more meaning? What if you could not only be physically fit, but mentally fit, emotionally fit, spiritually fit? What if you took “being quarantined” as an opportunity to unplug, assess, re-connect, prioritize, and pray?

Like most things in life, we will not be able to control, but rather merely try to contain, this virus. However, what we can control is our response. We can choose how we react, and how it affects our perspective.

Maybe this global retreat is actually a blessing that we didn’t even know we needed. All this is to say, be safe, take care of your family. Follow the protocols and procedures so that we can all come out of this alive and well. And after you’ve checked all the appropriate boxes, binge an episode, take a breath, and allow yourself the time to give thought to the other aspects of “getting quarantine fit.”

About The Author:

Sean McHugh is an award winning actor, filmmaker, host, and podcaster. Born and bred on cheesesteaks and Rocky, he hopes you’re at least laughing at him, if not with him.

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