Maria Menounos Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Bethenny Frankel’s Disaster Relief Charity B Strong

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – March 21st 2020, 9:07pm pst

Journalist and entrepreneur Maria Menounos featured reality television personality, entrepreneur, and author Bethenny Frankel on a live charity drive taping of her daily podcast “Better Together.” Thousands of dollars were raised for Frankel’s disaster relief charity B Strong during the broadcast from donors including Tony Robbins’ financial guru Ajay Gupta, and fashion entrepreneur Andrew Leigh. During the drive, the pair discussed the terrifying mask shortage affecting hospitals, which parts of the US are most in danger, and how Americans can help. At this time, Frankel is most dedicated to increasing the dwindling mask supply in hospitals, in addition to creating and supplying “CoronaKits” to families in need.

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Because of her fierce commitment to improving the current state of our Covid-plagued world, Frankel has learned a lot about what we’re really facing, and what we really need. Frankel said that the situation is looking worse than it was a week ago, especially in major cities.

She offered, “Speaking with Doctors from Johns Hopkins, and from Harvard, they are saying that New York City is on track to be Wuhan, so, that’s a serious statement. However, in China, in Wuhan…everybody was forced…to wear masks. They took it really, really seriously. So, New York City is really bad. It changes every minute, but I think there were 7,000 cases in the country, and half of them are in New York.”

In Italy, and increasingly in the US, it’s healthcare workers who are most at risk. Frankel illuminated the problem abroad, offering: “The head of, like, the healthcare association in Italy died because he didn’t have a mask and he had to keep treating people. 1 out of 10 people who have passed away, they’ve passed away because they don’t have masks and they’re healthcare workers.”

Despite all of this, she’s incredibly committed to the process of rapid, focus help, and cites her charity as being even more focused and effective than the Government, offering: “I’ve been through this before with Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, they have red tape, they have bureaucracy. I cannot explain why I can get things done more quickly than they can…I have masks on the way already, and I can get hundreds of thousands of them…I don’t care if a Republican gives me money, or a Democrat gives me money, I just need money to get the things we need to the people that need them…Maria knows that, you send us money, 100% goes to the effort. I have wired my own money, I’m spending my own money, which I always do on every effort.”

Fortunately, Frankel does see the global epidemic as a chance for our global culture as a whole to reset their priorities, and eventually lead to a better world, describing what she calls a “Global Reset: “Everyone knows that something is shifting that’s way greater than this virus. Everyone knows that the superficiality of this world and the capitalism and, you know, just blaming and anger, and filters and social media, everybody knows that it’s really all, just, meaningless and garbage because all that matters is your health and your family and your safety and feeling secure.”

On Menounos’ equally focused commitment to personal and global improvement, Frankel had kind words to offering, closing with: “Maria is the best. Support her, and support us, 100% goes…you can trust us. All we do is work 24 hours a day to help people who can’t help themselves right now…we are better together. It’s an amazing, amazing tagline, and an amazing, amazing mission. I love you!”

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