Are 90 Day’s Ashley & Jay Back Together AGAIN?

Written by: Briana Phipps – March 20th 2020, 2:36pm pst

If you’re a 90 Day fan, you no stranger to seeing Ashley and Jay break up and get back together. But is that the case this time?

credit: TLC

Last night both Ashley and Jay posted on TikTok videos starting with themselves and then eventually revealing the other.

Ashley used the popular flip the switch that has been going around, starting out alone in the bathroom and then when the light comes back on Jay is with her and the two looking like more than just friends.

Credit: @ashleye_90 Instagram

On Jay’s video he starts off dancing alone and then eventually pulls Ashley into the shot with him and she brings her friend with her. His video seemed a bit less loving but still got its point across.

Credit: @jay_smith_ja Instagram

They then both proceeded to post the videos to their Instagrams labeled in the same way by saying maybe this quarantine isn’t so bad after all.

So what does this mean, are the two back together? That’s definitely what the comments wanted to know. Jay didn’t respond to any of his comments, while Ashley responded to some but never with a definite yes.

Credit: @ashleye_90 Instagram

Our very own Linda Antwi last night on 90 Day Fiance News Weekly speculated that the two weren’t even together and that this is old footage that was edited in.

What do you think are Jay and Ashley back together or just playing with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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