90 Day’s Big Ed Has Given Up Being Single!

Written by: Briana Phipps – March 20th 2020, 2:00pm pst

Big Ed joined AfterBuzz TV and hosts, Ashley Bowden, Linda Antwi, Stacey Olivias, and Alexandria Bowers for season 4 episode 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and gave us some tidbits about his past relationship, his new house, and his sex life!

credit: TLC

It was already revealed that Big Ed had been married for two years and that she was the last romantic partner he had until Rosemarie. The time between the two relationships was twenty years! When asked why he waited so long to be in another relationship he let us know the feeling of heartbreak scared him away.

“So, my ex-wife was the first love. She was the first woman I ever was with, and when you fall in love it’s euphoric like you’re on a cloud… but what scared me to death was how you can go from being like euphoric and in love with somebody to it not working out… I think I was in love and then when it ended, we decided to separate and then I’m like oh, I’m going to be fine, but then she started dating somebody else and then when you realize that person doesn’t want to be with you, that’s where your hell begins.

“I don’t want to get too emotional, but I would be in the shower you know, balling. The pain was so so hard. I remember, and this is what heartbreak was for me, that you’re in so much emotional pain that your body hurts. My arms hurt, I ached. So I never wanted to let somebody get that close to me again. I mean I lost 35 pounds in three weeks, um I almost died. I didn’t want to go on, it was tough, It was tough.

“So you decide in that moment that I will never let anybody in ever, ever, ever. So I was just like, that’s it, I’m never going to let anybody that close to me again. That’s probably where my humor came from because I use my humor as my winning formula. So the minute somebody tried to get close to me. I would go funny which would push them away.”

Luckily Big Ed has found his way to love again with Rosemarie whose storyline we’re currently watching play out on the show. When asked on that status of the couple’s sex life Ed had to stay conservative but urged us to keep watching to find out.

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“So, ummm unless you want my publicist to kill me I can’t answer that yet. You’ll probably find out um from what I know, but you’ll probably find out in the next two episodes of what has progressed. So I can’t really speak to that at this moment. You just gotta tune in, you gotta tune in.”

Although prospects are looking good as Ed has bought a new house recently and while mums the word on if Rosemarie is living there with him currently, or if he is expecting her to in the future, he did let us know that he has given up being single and that the house is a two-bedroom.

“Yeah, so it’s not just a two-bedroom. Thats all I can say, umm I’ve given up the single life , that’s all I can say. Which means a lot, but I needed a bigger house for my mom and a bigger house for what will come.”

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To watch the full interview with Big Ed make sure to check out our 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day’s After Show.

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