What Will the Quarantine Mean for 90 Day Star Abroad?

Written by: Briana Phipps – March 19th 2020, 2:40pm pst

We’ve talked about what some of the 90 Day stars are doing to make it through this quarantine time period but what about those who may not be able to come back to the US?

credit: @alwaysnicole Instagram

Nicole recently went to Morocco to visit Azan but that happened before travel across seas was halted. She said before she left she was staying two weeks which would put her return around March 25th, Americans can still come back into the country but due to the restrictions and testing it might delay her getting back by that date.

credit: @alwaysnicole Instagram

Same could go for Tiffany, who we’re one hundred percent is back in the US currently or if she is still in South Africa as both she and Ronald haven’t updated their posts in a week. It’s also unclear if Daniel accompanied Tiffany and Carly on the trip or if he stayed back.

credit: @tiffanyfrancosmith Instagram

Someone whose plans we know were canceled is Deavan who had posted that she had been planning a trip to Utah but due to the events had to cancel.

credit: @deavanclegg Instagram

We wish all the best to everyone during these times!

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