The Challenge Super Trailer: Kailah Hooks Up With Bear

Written by: Benny Adams – March 19th 2020, 2:09pm pst

Drama, hookups, and competing. Those were the three ingredients that created the latest trailer for The Challenge Total Madness.

credit: MTV

MTV released The 3 minute super trailer, which gave us a deeper look into what some of our cast mates will be up to this season.

The biggest revelation was that Bear and Kailah Casillas did in fact hookup while on the show. For quite some time there were rumors that two got together while Casillas was still in a relationship with Ex Mikey P.

credit: MTV

“You’re a **** boy, and I ruined a relationship for someone who doesn’t give a **** about me.” Casillas said in the season 35 trailer.

Another cast member that has fans talking is Challenge Vet Jenna Compono. Many are wondering if the “Barbie Beast” is going to quit this season.

The trailer shows a heated moment between Compono and then boyfriend Zack Nicholas.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, because everything you have ever told me is a lie” Nicholas tells Compono via Skype.

credit: MTV

The trailer then cuts to Jenna crying, and we hear TJ asking Jenna if she wants to quit.

Whatever drama happened between the two was short lived though, because a couple months later, the two love birds became engaged. They are currently planning their wedding, which will take place a day after Valentines Day next year.

Fans were not the only ones who had something to say about the trailer. Some of the casts shared their opinion as well.

“Does not get easier anytime I see it. Imma need some moral support when this airs. Who’s watching with me. Posted Dee Nguyen on twitter.

Rookie Swaggy C chimed in posting on Twitter, “This is the illest trailer I’ve ever seen in my life. Geeeezus.”

To catch all the drama unfold make sure you watch the season premier of The Challenge Total Madness on MTV, April 1st at 8 p-m Pacific.

Also make sure to catch the Challenge News Daily every Monday through Thursday afternoon.

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