Top 5 Tik Tok Videos of the Week with Tik Tok Doc!

Written by: Daniel Lindgren – March 17th 2020, 8:09am pst

Whats up everyone?! Afterbuzz TV’s Tik Tok Doc here performing invasive surgery on my Top 5 Tik Tok videos of the week.

In my number 5 spot we have a grandmother with something in her hair and its not lice or a wig. A prank occurs at a store where a person makes a grandmother believe a child was hiding in her hair. Finally I found a reason to have a kid. And I don’t blame that grandmother for not feeling that child in her hair. She hasn’t had a child come out of her in a long time.

In my number four spot we have a new years resolution gone wrong. A man makes us believe that he’s headed to an LA Fitness but ends up at a next door McDonald’s drive thru. An LA Fitness next to a McDonald’s? That’s about as counter productive as having a church next to a brothel. Trust me I would know. I make that doctor money and I’ve got to spend it somewhere.

In my number three spot we have a mouse coming out of his house. Chuck E Cheese is dancing with a few kids whens he trips and falls and his head come off. His costumes head not his real one. First they find needles in the ball pit and now this.

This would never happen to that other mouse. Unfortunately I was wrong and it definitely did.

In my number two spot we enter the secret world of chicken strips. We are shown a chicken strip with a paper shirt and pants on and then off ;) Oh my God I think I just sweet and soured in my pants. Those are my two biggest turn ons food and dirty food.

And in my number one spot we have every guys nightmare. There is nothing more scary than this. Period. And thats a girl on her period. We see a blanket on a bed with someone underneath said blanket. Then a persons hand placing items on the bed where they rapidly disappear underneath the blanket. Taken by a mysterious hand under the sheets. What are you crazy you gave her everything except the one thing she really needs; tampons and possibly a hug.

And in my bonus clip of the week we have another Los Angeles flashing incident. In this comedy sketch my buddy Dave has a flashing contest with a fake flying squirrel. What can I say squirrels like to see nuts.

Stay tuned for new featured Tik Tok videos here at AfterbuzzTV weekly hosted by the Tik Tok Doc Daniel Lindgren. That’s me!

About The Author:

Daniel Lindgren is an actor, comedian, and host for Afterbuzz TV. His alias is Disney Dan and he has heterochromia.

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