Boomerang Season 2 delivers Black Girl Magic!

Written by: Alexandria Jordan – March 15th 2020, 8:07am pst

Boomerang Season 2 is finally here and it’s glowing with nothing but Black Girl Magic! Lena Waithe and Halle Berry, executive producers of the 1992 film remake, brought on a team of all Black female directors for Season 2.

credit: BET

Dime Davis (A Black Lady Sketch Show), Tiffany Johnson (Dear White People), and Katrelle N. Kindred (The Labyrinth) -all Black women- directed the entire second season of BET’s Boomerang.

Davis directed four of the eight episodes, while Johnson and Kindred directed two episodes each. Kindred also made her tv directorial debut.

credit: BET

Brittany Inge, who plays southern bell Crystal Garrett, shares her experience working with such a phenomenal group of women.

“It was amazing. Black women can do anything! You’re not always given the opportunity- but to know that you have it inside you all along. They stepped up to the plate and they delivered!”

The decision to solely hire black women to direct Boomerang’s Season 2 was a vision that was fully supported by BET, Viacom, Paramount Television, Lena Waithe’s Hilman Grad Productions, and Halle Berry’s 606 Films.

Recently, members of the cast visited AfterBuzz TV’s Boomerang After Show hosted by Chef Beanz, Porchia Carter, Missy Vernier, and Tenere Williams to talk about season 2 as well as the themes and elements of the show.

When asked about diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, Tequan Richmond, who plays Bryson Broyer, stated, “It’s getting better.”

credit: BET

RJ Walker, who plays David Wright, adds “I feel like it shouldn’t be taboo. It should be, ‘here’s someone else in the position that deserves it’. But because there’s so much division and ego in this town- let alone this industry- we got it all messed up.”

credit: BET

Walker also said, “For someone to study for so long, and want this and only be shunned away because of their identity or how they look is ridiculous!”

credit: Instagram

Dime Davis and Angeli Millan, both women of color, worked as co-showrunners for Boomerang.

“This season, we really wanted to go bigger and bolder. We were given the freedom to make Boomerang our own, Angeli and I ran with that,” Davis told Deadline.

Waithe expressed, “The most exciting thing about BET and Paramount is that we speak the same language. I’m a big believer that if there’s a show with black people that too many white people like, chances are it’s not for black people.”

While “Boomerang” is making strides in Hollywood and television, Queen Sugar, Harlots, and Season 2 of Vida are also series who have exclusively brought on women directors.

Boomerang Season 2 returned March 11 on BET.

Check out the Boomerang After Show hosted by Chef Beanz, Porchia Carter, Missy Vernier, and Tenere Williams every Wednesday at 8pm PST on AfterBuzz TV!

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Alexandria Jordan is an on-air host and red carpet correspondent with AfterBuzz TV and Black Hollywood Live. She is passionate about all things entertainment and loves connecting with people who share similar interests.

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