Sherry Cola and Dhruv Uday Singh Talk Representation, Favorite Character Moments, and the Importance of Good Trouble

Written by: Chae’ Jones – March 15th 2020, 7:30pm pst

Good Trouble is Freeform’s spin-off to The Fosters and the show certainly sets its own path and tackles many conversations from the LGBTQ plus community, racism, activism, and finding love in LA.

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Sherry Cola and Dhruv Uday Singh joined AfterBuzz TV’s Good Trouble After Show for a special reunion edition on Wednesday night with Bryant Santos, Lauren Hubbard, Janice Nyam and I to talk about season 2.

Nothing was held back during the interview. Good Trouble is not shy about casting not just people of color but also showcasing characters in the LGBTQ+ community. Cola and Singh got real about being able to represent people of color because representation in television matters.

“It was already so touching that they created this character wanting to see it, you know what I mean? And so it got so far into the audition process that I was like I have to book this now because it’s so important and so overdue that I want to portray this character. So ever since then a lot of Asian girls in my DMs are just queer girls, et cetra are feeling seen and they are really grateful for this character because this is something I never saw growing up and I think a big impactful moment was when Alice came out at the end of season 1.” Cola said.

Singh added: “For me it was even playing Raj, even the fact that he was for a while at least a love interest to a character is rare to see South Asian characters in general but certainly South Asian characters I’ve seen, so having an Asian character with a sex drive is a rare thing already.”

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One of the bigger storylines we’ve seen throughout both seasons is the activism and social justice causes these characters are fighting for. Allies are important especially when fighting for social justice whether it be Black Lives Matter or the LGBTQ+ community,…

“What’s also beautiful what I love about Good Trouble is the fact that you know, although I am Asian, although Mariana is Latina we’re still supporting Malika as allies of something like Trap Heals and Black Lives Matters. Showing up to the protest things like that. I think bridging communities within POC is very important.”

Cola is an accomplished stand-up comedian herself and she loves exploring Alice’s journey as an up and coming stand-up as it’s so different from her own methods of performance.   Some comedians who are also portraying comedians on television might not want to directly model their stand up  their own life, but it seems that Cola is always down for anything!

“Which was really sweet of our showrunner, by the way, Joanna who is amazing, and our head writer. She actually asked me, ‘So originally this was the plan, like is it cool? We don’t want to step on your own stand up life or you know what I mean?’ Which is possible that I don’t want to…don’t want to seperate it. But I was like no I’m down. I’m truly down because most of my favorite stand-ups have done stand up on television.”

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We had a question from a fan in our live chat, asking what where the actors favorite Alice and Raj moment. Singh’s favorite moment for his character Raj was being able to play the part of a magician at a kid’s birthday party.

“Getting to play Raj doing a silly thing was fun. I will say normally kids are an amazing audience for magic that audience of kids were all actors who were not crazy for it. They were lovely kids, after everything they would look at me and go ‘I know how he does it’. They would guess it completely wrong but very confidently.” Singh recounted with a laugh.

Good Trouble has been praised by many outlets for it’s real and raw tackling of the issues that are affecting the world “Good Trouble is not a show about issues, it’s about people. Real people going through these issues.” Cola comments on the importance of what this show represents.

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You can follow Cola at @shrrycola and Singh at @dhruvudaysingh.

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