3 people You’d never believe Lucille Ball is related to

Written by: Mykell Barlow – March 15th 2020, 6:51am pst

Lucille Ball, the heart and soul of the I Love Lucy show, has filled our hearts and homes for generations with her wacky antics and her trademarked scarlet red hair. Lucy’s comedic timing and genius physicality made her a breakout star in the 1950’s and solidified her as an icon in the golden age of television. But what if I told you that this comedy legend’s family roots connect Lucy to some extraordinary people and incredible moments in history?

1. Millard Filmore

The 13th president of the United States is 3rd cousins 5 times removed to Lucille Ball. While his stint as president is regarded as unremarkable, California became a state during his single term in office. So that’s something. Plus BEING president is pretty iconic.

2. Vincent Price

The undeniable prince of the horror genre, Vincent Price, is 7th cousins to Lucille Ball. The are both direct descendants of William Towne whose three daughters, Sarah, Rebecca, and Mary Towne were burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Talk about dramatic family history.

PERSONAL BONUS: My fiance, Justin, is also a direct descendant of William Towne. Making him 9th cousins to both Lucille Ball and Vincent Price. It’s like I’m marrying into royalty.

3. King Henry III of England

Speaking of royalty, Lucy Ball is the 22nd great granddaughter of King Henry III of England. Since records that far back are not always accurate we may never know if this is 100% true. I choose to believe that the family tree of one of our most iconic Hollywood royals is rooted in ACTUAL British royalty.

Genealogy is amazing. It strengthens the bonds of human connection. If you look back far enough, we’re all related. Until next time…

About The Author:

Mykell Barlow is a screenwriter and host at Afterbuzz TV. When he isn’t working he is obsessing over ancestry research or hanging out with his fiance Justin and their puppy Micheaux.

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