Celebs Who Love… The Side Hustle

Written by: Yasmine Tanres – March 12th 2020, 10:20pm pst

Celebrities are widely known for their talents. When they aren’t being paid for their, well, talented skills, some celebrities have found a way to widen and uphold their estate and lifestyle: through other investments, real estate or wise banking. Here’s a list of celebrities diversifying their pockets…

1. Robert De Niro:

credit: AP

Actor, Producer and Director, Robert De Niro co-founded the first Japanese Nobu restaurant in America and has a stake in ownership of the expanded 39 restaurants, 8 luxury hotels across 5 continents. He further co-owns the Tribeca Grill in New York City. Who knew De Niro was such a foodie?

2.Brad Pitt:

credit: twitter

“Cold-fusion” may sound like it’s a thing you hear about in sci-fi movies, well a couple of unlikely celeb-do-gooders are hoping to turn science fiction into science profit. Brad Pitt and Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve Job’s widow), amongst others are investors in Energy Company, Industrial Heat. The idea – and we say idea here, since this technology hasn’t officially been proven to the public yet – is that they’re investing into a science that creates energy without environmentally harmful gases and nuclear waste, nor the use of much heat to generate such energy. Could this be a Hot Private Investment or just Hot Air?

3. Angelina Jolie:

credit: Twitter

On another spectrum, not so much of an investment, but rather an impactful measure taken by Angelina Jolie. In 2017 Jolie co-launched the Women, Peace and Security Postgraduate Course at one of the world’s leading universities, the London School of Economics (LSE). It’s the first of its kind in the world, in which “critical and constructive engagement on women’s human rights is at the core of the education program”.

4. Will and Jaden Smith:

credit: Twitter

Further in the space of environmental consciousness, actors Will and Jaden Smith founded eco-friendly bottled water ‘JUST’. It’s packaging is made of 82% renewable materials, including “plastic” derived from sugarcane. Jaden is also an investor of the Impossible Burger. While he isn’t performing you can find him feeding the homeless from his free vegan food truck. When it comes to impacting society and environment, there’s no stopping the Smiths’!

5. Ryan Reynolds:

credit: Twitter

Another unstoppable actor, who’s following the celeb liquor rush: Ryan Reynolds has cashed in on gin brand ‘Aviation’. Now he might be flying high on this one, as a Creative Director of the brand, stealing the wife who appeared in the failed Peleton’s ad. This move shows an example of the actor’s savvy digital marketing skills, having previously played a big role in social media campaigns for his characters in films like Deadpool and Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

6. Kevin Costner:

credit: Warner Brothers

Some might question if veteran actor, Kevin Costner is ready for retirement. For more than four decades Costner has captivated millions, and he knew what he wanted to do with his fortune: help with oil spills. In 1995 Costner paid $24 million to the US government to acquire “Ocean Therapy Solutions” that separates oil and water. Initially he did not suspect that acting would become his main career, so he studied business administration and management at California State University.

7. Beyonce and Jay Z:

credit: Roc Nation

Aside from music and fashion labels, super couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé run a staggering business empire. Who knew Beyoncé is also a tech start up investor? Her management company invested at least $150,000 into Sidestep, an app that gives access to merchandise and concerts. Accordingly, Jay-Z has ownership stakes in stadiums, cosmetic companies, liquor, cigars, and plane-booking apps valued at more than millions of dollars alone. Who runs the world? These two!

8. Nas:

credit: Twitter

When was the last time we heard from music rapper, NAS? Well, since 2012 he’s set up QueensBridge Venture Partners firm, and invests in 20 companies with funds of $100,000-$500,000 a company per year. His investment portfolio includes the likes of Dropbox and Lyft, which have grown exponentially.

9. Linkin Park:

credit: Twitter

Who else has invested in Lyft? Music band, Linkin’ Park! They appear to have a knack for entrepreneurialism, even investing in tech companies while they are out on tour. Machine Shop Ventures, is their own investing fund which also put money into “Robinhood”, the stock-trading app recently valued at $1.3 billion.

10. Rihanna:

credit: Twitter/Fenty

A turn around story about pop princess, Rihanna, who was nearly bankrupt in 2009, and who has now become the richest female musician in less than a decade later, worth at $600 million. In 2017 Ri-ri launched her beauty product line, Fenty Beauty. The success may come thanks to her inclusive range of colors that made the company $72 million in just its first month. According to Forbes it is now worth at least $3 billion, in which Rihanna apparently owns a 15% stake – this would make her $450 million! Far beyond the money fuel she owns through her own talent.

Fame comes at a price and likewise these celebrities, to name a few, have found another way to survive and thrive apart from their talent. As Afterbuzz TV founder, and Producer, Keven Undergaro says: “You got to diversify!”

About The Author:

Yasmine Tanres is a producer and news anchor at Long Beach Local News, and a dynamic entertainment host across various digital platforms in L.A.

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