Cole Allen and Juliet Morris Aren’t Kidding About Jim Carrey’s Gifts, Car Crashes, or On-Set Injuries!

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 12th 2020, 3:00pm pst

Juliet Morris and Cole Allen play Will and Maddy on SHOWTIME’s hilariously irreverent yet extremely dark comedy Kidding, and in a recent interview on the Kidding AfterShow for AfterBuzz TV, the child actors revealed many interesting moments from their time on-set.

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Juliet discussed how fun it was working with Jim Carrey and even mentioned how Jim Carrey would surprise them with gifts on birthdays or special occasions. She also talked about some on-set injuries that occured while she was trying to keep herself busy during production.

“I actually broke my arm on set”, she stated. “I have the capability to jump to my mom’s bed, but my sister was there and I landed on my sister, but she was FINE…but I broke my arm.” Thankfully, Juliet recovered from this injury!

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Also in this interview, Cole shared some lessons learned from his time as Will as well as how this character has helped him in real life. “I learned a few magic tricks for the role so that was cool”, he stated. “Also, just remembering to wear my seatbelt and just cherish the moments you have with people because they could die randomly in a car crash”, he continued.

Kidding was Juliet’s first major acting credit and it is definitely safe to say that she’ll have many more projects coming down the pipeline after this performance. Cole can be seen in the faith-based feature film Round of Your Life as well as many other great shows and shorts.

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Check out the full interview here and catch up on the comically amazing dramedy that is Kidding, starring Jim Carrey, Juliet Morris, and Cole Allen over on SHOWTIME.

The Kidding After Show is hosted by: Mina Naidine, Bell Blankenship, and DeAnJiLo Platt.

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