Lala Kent Leaked Details on Stassi and Beau’s Wedding!

Written by: Jane Johnsen – March 11th 2020, 3:23pm pst

If you watched or listened to our Vanderpump Rules aftershow last night, then you already heard this news hot off the press. Stassi Schroeder and her fiancé Beau Clark expressed their shock and disbelief over Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall sharing a photo of the save and all its details on social media.

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Because of this internet taboo, fans around the world were able to catch all the private info on Stassi and Beau’s fall wedding. The two lovebirds are getting married in Rome, Italy from Monday, October 5, until Thursday, October 8, 2020. Their save the date included the private website and its password, which the couple immediately changed once news broke. Still, it sounds like the actual wedding is on Wednesday, October 7, and apparently hump day is a popular wedding day for the Vanderpump crew.

While the coronavirus outbreak has been testing the couple on whether or not they will continue with plans to host the wedding in Italy, world-renowned astrologist Susan Miller added additional caution to the mix.

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While Susan was tending the Watch What Happens Live bar, she warned the duo that as a Pisces and Cancer couple, they’ve chosen the wrong wedding date! Susan said that they have “uranus across the sky throwing thunderbolts at it”, to which Stassi replied, “I’m fine with it… If we can handle uranus throwing thunderbolts at us, then we can handle anything.” Still, Susan suggested a workaround to secretly marry at city hall on a date that passes her seemingly ambiguous astrology tests.

This secret wedding workaround could definitely ensure that none of us Vanderpump fans show up in Italy on October 7th for a sneak peek of the nuptials.

credit: Afterbuzz TV

With all of these obstacles and warning signs, do you think Stassi and Beau will keep their wedding plans as-is? Or can their relationship withstand all this cosmic drama? I agree with Stassi, they can handle anything! But let me know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more Vanderpump News Daily!

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