Does the apple fall far from the killer tree? A review of The Most Dangerous Animal Of All trailer.

Written by: Sean McHugh  – March 11th 2020, 6:30am pst

Origin stories are very much part of the zeitgeist these days. Whether it be DC or Marvel, Star Wars or Star Trek, heroes (and how they became them) have infatuated our society. We want to know the intricate details of what makes them tick. How and why did they become said hero? Who influenced them? What is the reason for their existence? Batman watched his parents get murdered in cold blood. Luke Skywalker discovered that Darth Vader was “his father.” And of course who could forget The Greatest American Hero stumbling upon his alien suit in the desert?

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But what about the rest of us? We all have an origin story. And while we may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider, or have an adamantium skeleton with claws, our tales are still worth telling. There is an innate desire in us as human beings to share the lives and adventures that create our collective story. Especially when part of that journey is discovering the unknown.

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Enter Gary L. Stewart. A man who simply wanted to find his biological father, and in turn, hopefully get some insight for himself. Pretty innocuous, right? Well, for most people it would have been. But most people don’t learn in their 40s that their long lost father is possibly one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. Being the potential son of the Zodiac Killer is jarring at best, and seismically life-altering at worst. Everything you thought you knew about yourself instantly comes into question. Is it nature or nurture? Am I biologically prone to murder? How much control do I have over my own DNA?

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Well, I am definitely intrigued. The documentary series is based on the NY Times best selling book of the same name. This is sure to be a mind-tingling ride full of twists, turns, betrayals, and reveals, in which true life and true crime come together. And as a 44 year old man who doesn’t know much about his biological father, I am both excited and anxious as to what path I will be led down.

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