Brock Kelly Dishes About Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – March 11th 2020, 5:00am pst

Brock Kelly sits down with Dishin Days to talk about his character [Christian Maddox] who has been stirring up trouble in Salem.

credit: Dishin Days Instagram

Kelly talks about the audition process and what the casting directors were looking for.

“I got the audition, I saw the breakdown, it was ugh it was pretty you know, pretty typical for your Soap Opera guy character coming in.”[laughing] “On the show they wanted somebody charismatic they wanted somebody, you know, to have that look. They said he was very tenacious when it comes to protecting his family so there wasn’t like a lot given in the breakdown for what they are looking for.”

Dishin Days asked if Kelly knew about his character being bisexual and if he was comfortable portraying the role.

“That aspect of the character was talked about in casting.” Kelly explains, “This was going to be the first openly bisexual character in Daytime or at least they thought…it was exciting, it was provocative and it was something new and you always want to do something new when it comes to art.” Kelly states, “For Daytime it’s a big thing.”

As for other acting roles Kelly had a guest spot on CW’s Supernatural portraying the role of young Dean Winchester. Kelly met and worked with Jensen Ackles who plays the older version of Dean. Ackles also played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives from 1998-2000.

credit: brockkelly Instagram

Kelly mentions that him and Ackels are still close till this day and they have traveled together.

“Oh yeah Jensen was the one who told me how to play Dean so I met him in Vancouver. Since then we traveled the world, Europe and a lot of America, Canada, doing conventions, so we spent a lot of time together.”

This is the last season of Supernatural.  Hopefully Kelly and Ackels can plan another trip soon. We would be here for it and on the lookout for Instagram photos.

On Days of Our Lives Kelly did hint that we just scratched the surface of getting to know Christian. If you thought this past week was crazy with his storyline just wait and see what happens next.

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