Project Runway Finalist Nancy Volpe-Beringer Opens up about Adult Bullying

Written by: Bria Williams – March 8th 2020, 6:03pm pst

Bullies don’t go away just because you get older. Social media has made it 10x easier for people to express animosity towards others. Project Runway’s Nancy Volpe-Beringer talks about the importance of being able to show kindness and respect.

credit: Bravo

Being in the public eye is not always easy, especially when you’re on a competition show where judgement is the name of the game, such as Project Runway. Despite her past trauma in dealing with adult bullying Volpe-Beringer made it a point to be a contestant on the show this season not only to show that age doesn’t matter but also to showcase she is stronger than her past.

“ I have been a victim of adult bullying, people don’t really understand what that is and it’s prevalent and people don’t really think that it’s a big deal…but I needed to do this for myself because I felt that I was strong enough and I don’t consider myself a victim.”

Despite the demands and the toll the competition took on the contestants this season, Volpe-Beringer took the time to learn from the judges, appreciate the craft of her competitors and celebrate their differences. Bringing her all the way to the final four.

“Our differences should be celebrated…I could find something that I like about everybody’s design. If I was a judge all 16 people would still be there. It’s okay to be kind and you can still move ahead.”

credit: Bravo

Volpe-Beringer is continuing to create magic in her clothing designs and helping those feel fearless. You can preview and buy her designers at

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