10 Reese Witherspoon Roles You Must See

If you’re a Reese Witherspoon fan we have listed our top roles she has done that’s a must watch! From films like Legally Blonde, Election, Cruel Intentions to TV shows like Little Fires Everywhere, Big Little Lies and so many more! 

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Posted On: August 2nd, 2020 9:55 pm pst

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While it was a travesty to see Reese Witherspoon get looked over for an Emmy for all 3 amazing roles she played this past year, this is a golden opportunity to revisit some of her best roles and honor her anyway! 

It was hard to keep this list short because Reese has such an extensive career with so many amazing roles. From comedy, drama, suspense, she has proved that she can do it all. However I bit the bullet and narrowed it down to the top 10 roles you need to see if you want to call yourself a true Reese Witherspoon fan. 

Legally Blonde 

Credit: MGM

If you haven’t seen this film, where have you been? This role put Reese on the map and really made her a household name. She played the iconic Elle Woods so effortlessly giving the character not only amazing comedic undertones, but also honest moments that really gave this character depth. She made the world know that blondes are not the bimbos they have been portrayed as. 


Credit: Paramount Pictures

This is such an underrated role for Reese. She gets the chance to play the ambitious to the point of destruction Tracy Flick. If you were a fan of Glee and Rachel Barry, you would love to watch as Tracy stops at nothing to win the election, even if it means destroying people along the way. You hate her, but also admire her at the same time. The role won Reese many awards and gave her a Golden Globe nom. 

Big Little Lies 

Credit: HBO

Speaking of ambitious women, we would be remiss to not include this groundbreaking show on our list. Reese gives so much depth to her character as the Monterey based house mom who is nowhere near perfect. Even though it has already been announced that there won’t be a season 3, hopefully something happens to change that because we’re not ready to let go of this show! 

Cruel Intentions 

Credit: Columbia Pictures & Sony Entertainment

Reese’s portrayal of young, naive Annette in this film is impeccable, there is no way you can’t fall in love with her. Her and Sarah Michelle Gellar do an amazing job of being polar opposites. It’s also great to see Reese play a role like this and a role like Election proving she can either be America’s sweetheart or the mean girl. She really could have played either of the roles but we’re happy she was cast as Annette. 


Credit: Imagine Entertainment

Fear is a very underrated Witherspoon role. Her performance opposite Mark Whalberg will stun you as you go through all of her emotions throughout this suspense thriller. Reese perfectly encapsulates the feelings of a rebellious teen who tries to grow up faster than she’s ready to.  

Little Fires Everywhere 

Credit: Hulu

In a slightly similar role to Big Little Lies we see Reese take this to new boundaries in achieving wealth, status, and recognition. Her and Kerry Washington play off each other with such ease, they suck you into the story and lives of these two women. 

Walk The Line 

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Reese’s portrayal of June Carter Cash steals the show in this film. Her and Joaquin Phoenix’s chemistry in the film is undeniable and she gives life to a strong resilient woman, even during a time period where that may not have been the standard. She received an Oscar for her role. 


This film is so underrated and both Witherspoon and Toby Maguire give amazing performances. Reese does an amazing job of showing Jennifer’s transformation and struggle going from a modern woman to one of the 50’s. 

The Morning Show

Credit: Apple TV

Reese does an amazing job showcasing Bradley Jackson’s fiery personality and transition of going from local reporter to co-host opposite Jennifer Aniston of a hit morning news show. In fact her portrayal was so real and authentic many thought she was actually depicting a real person. 


Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Finally we need to give a nod to Reese’s portrayal of Cheryl Strayed and her real life story of hiking the PCH trail as a way to reset her life and get back on track. Reese’s honest portrayal of the physical and mental hardships encountered hiking alone on the trail are inspiring. You feel her fear, determination, defeat, and acceptance that results in some of Reese’s best performances to date. 

These are just a few of her amazing roles she’s done so far, although we’re sure there are many to come, and we can’t wait to watch everything she does in the future! 

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