10 Positive Tweets From The Cast Of MTV’s The Challenge Total Madness

Our Top 10 Challenge stars that are giving out positive tweets are Ashley Mitchell, Josh Martinez, Rogan O’Connor, TJ, Melissa Reeves, Bayleigh Dayton, Fessy Shafaat, Cory Wharton, Jenny West, & Johnny Bananas. 

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Posted On: July 16th, 2020 11:14 pm pst

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After months of epic challenges, intense drama, and some pretty gnarly 90’s music, the madness has come to an end. 

Both Johnny Bananas and Jenny West were crowned the winners Wednesday night on The finale of  The Challenge: Total Madness, and many cast members had something to say about it. 

This time around though, there were not many backhanded, petty tweets you might be used to seeing during and after a finale.

Instead they were the complete opposite, full of praise and encouragement, so without further ado here are the top 10 positive tweets from the cast of Total Madness

Number Ten: Ashley Mitchell Praises Johnny Bananas 

When we last saw Ashley, both her and Johnny didn’t end things on the best of terms the night she got eliminated. 

Fast Forward to after the finale and It seems like that ship has long sailed after Ashey posted a simple congratulations tweet.

Number Nine: Josh Martinez Gives Props To The Finalists

Josh was pretty close to making it to the final, and showed off his skills while competing in Challenges.

Unfortunately claiming that W was not meant to be this season, but that didn’t stop the Big Brother alum from congratulating his cast mates on making it to the final. 

Number Eight: Rogan O’Connor Calls Johnny The G.O.A.T

Coming off a win from War Of The Worlds 2, you would think Rogan would be a little salty for losing the very last elimination to Bananas…. WRONG! 

The Challenge Champ was nothing but a stand up guy, as he gave praise to Bananas.

Number Seven: TJ Takes It easy On Melissa

Many of you were probably a little shook when Melissa threw in the towel, (we’ll get into more on that in a little bit) especially knowing how TJ gets when someone quits the game. 

It seems like all is well though after TJ explained why he took it easy on her.

Number Six: Melissa Reeves Is A BEAST 

Speaking of Melissa, this girl made it all the way to the final, 4.. months… pregnant!  Let that sink in. 

Even though This Challenge queen did not want to quit, she knew when enough was enough.

Number Five: Bayleigh Dayton Keeps Her Head Held Up High

For Bayleigh’s Rookie season, the girl did work! Not only did she make it to the final, but she also beat a challenge vet during an elimination.

Unfortunately, Bayleigh was injured during the final, and chose to quit, but as you can see, she’s not letting that mishap take away from her experience.

Number Four: Fessy Shafaat Is Not Giving Up

Fessy was another rookie this season who did not hold back. The Big Brother alum played a pretty solid game, but unfortunately ended up short. 

That’s all right though, because if this tweet means anything, Fessy will be back better than ever.

Number Three: Cory Wharton Has Nothing But Love For Johnny Bananas 

Can you believe that Cory and Johnny were once rivals? The two decided to put away their differences this season, and look where it got them, they both made it to the final.

Even though Cory didn’t take home the win he was still man enough to congratulate his former foe.

Number Two: Jenny West Gives Praise to Melissa Reeves

Jenny West is a force to be reckoned with, but this newfound Challenge winner is not just all brawn, she also has a heart of gold. 

 Take a look at how she gave major props to Melissa Reeves. 

Number One: Johnny Bananas Claims Victory 

Let’s be honest, Johnny Bananas had a couple of rough seasons prior to Total Madness. 

“The curse” kept him from getting another win under his belt, but at long last the G.O.A.T was able to pull through, break the curse, and claim victory.

It’s only fitting that he posted this simple yet telling tweet. 

This was by far the most intense Challenge Season Yet. Congrats to all the Challengers who participated, because this season looked like no joke. 

Now the wait begins to see what twists and turns The Challenge 36 will pull. 

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