Shows Not Covered, But Recommended

To all our AfterBuzz TV fans – while we would love to cover every single TV show that exists (past, current and certainly future), it’s not always possible for one reason or another. We sincerely apologize as we do make best efforts to ensure all TV shows (the major ones and even more niche ones) are covered. However, in lieu of that, we figured at the very least we could do is make a list of some of the TV shows we do not cover but highly recommend to you. It’s not what you were hoping for 100%, but it’s a start!

  • In No Particular Order

    CBS’ Young and the Restless

    Fox’s The Simpsons

    TLC’s The Long Island Medium

    PBS’s Antique Roadshow

    TBS’s For Better or Worse

    FXX’s Man Seeking Woman

    CBS’s Angels From Hell

    USA’s Colony

    Oxygen’s Like a Boss

    Oxygen’s Prancing Elite’s Project

    IFC’s Portlandia

    WGN’s The Outsiders

    Fox’s Master Chef

    SyFy’s Lost Girl

    HBO’s Animals

    SyFy’s Bitten

    TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles

    MTV’s Teen Mom

    IFC’s Maron

    TLC’s Sister Wives

    Audience’s Rogue

    Amazon’s Bosch

    CBS’s Criminal Minds

    CBS’s Person of Interest

    NBC’s Chicago PD

    …and others (unfortunately)