TK Trinidad

TK is recognized as a beauty queen in Canada, she won the Miss Toronto and Miss Canada pageants. TK developed her knowledge of fitness as a sprinter at the University of Oregon and began her first career as the owner of a personal training business in Toronto. Based on that success, a local television station featured TK as its personal training expert. Pretty soon thereafter, the rest of Canada wanted TK to teach it about personal training. TK appeared throughout Canada on popular networks including Rogers TV.

Not to be confined by international borders or limitations on her expertise, TK packed up and moved to LA.  TK  MC’s crossfit events nation wide and writes movie reviews, interviewes celebrities and professional athletes from all walks of life.

Currently you can catch TK giving her opinion on TMZ and dong entertainment reports for FNA podcast on iHeart radio.

TK hosts the Girls, The Quad, and Rebel after shows along with the XPac 12360 show. Some of her other favorite shows include Total Bellas, Atlanta and Real Housewives of New Jersey.  

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