Hi. I’m Candice Camacho. Thanks for checking out my site! You could be doing a variety of things, but here you are, on MY site. While your here, I will tell you a bit about myself. I’m a Television Host and a Corporate Presenter. From a young age, I have been a radiant goal setter. I have blossomed into a beyond belief person with firey ambitions, and a million dollar drive for success. I’m a passionate girl with a dash of sass and I love what I do! I have a never-ending flow of enthusiasm, expertise, work ethic, and devotion. I also hold a degree in Marketing Management from MO State University.

You can view my resume at: Candice Resume

I created The Divas Dish, which is a lifestyle show for women. On the show I talk about healthy eating, modern mom tips, fitness, and a little inspiration! If your into conscious parenting, eating healthy, and staying fit, you’ll LOVE the show! Plus, I have A LOT of fun along the way. Please be sure and watch a video or two while you are here! I shoot videos, write a weekly blog, and write inspirational quote!

I have expertise in other areas as well, and an extensive background in Entertainment. I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2006, danced and modeled professionally all over the world, and am a corporate narrator. I have represented and spoken for many large, influential companies such as Sony, Kodak, Panasonic and Cannon at top shows across the United States. I’ve been involved in the automotive industry, having been a product presenter for Cadillac and Bentley. This type of work is perfect for me because I love learning about new products and then becoming the face associated with the company I’m representing.

I’ve performed with Entertainers as Bette Midler, been Principal of the Lido Tour in Seoul Korea, and have graced the stages all over the United States. I’ve been seen dancing on Television shows such as The Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and The Today Show.

My journey with all this started when I was just 4 years old and my mother put me in dance lessons. I grew up as a classically trained dancer and trained at the best dance schools in Missouri, including the Missouri State Ballet. I started modeling in high school and my first agency was American Artist Agency in Kansas City. I was born to two wonderful parents and I have an older sister. My parents taught me at a young age how important it is to work for what you want, the value of money, and how great it is to be independent. They taught me to be a gracious person and treat others as I would like to be treated. They are amazing people! I finished high school early and was able to work co-op my last year. I had to earn money for more dance lessons and point shoes! I was busy even back then with dancing on the Pom Pom Squad, performing in the school plays, and working part-time at the Cookie Factory. My Senior year of high school, I produced and directed a play called The House of Blue Leaves. I set out to be champion and my play ended up winning the Thespian Society award that year! It was a total honor. I knew at an early age that I had BIG dreams, I just wasn’t so sure how big at the time!

The words that describe me best are hard-working, goal oriented, independent, and passionate.. I go to great lengths to do the best job I can. Whether that means getting the best story, asking the right questions, or just all around doing a FANTASTIC job every time! Everyday I wake up and give this world everything I have.

I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. It hasn’t come easy, but I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I consider myself a very blessed person and look forward to what everyday brings! I believe in approaching everyday with a positive, “I Can” and “I will” attitude!

When you have a competitive career such as mine, everyday can be a challenge. I know that money, success, and fame can come and go. However, I will never forget who I am inside and all my family and friends. My career is my passion, but nothing means more to me than them. They have all helped create and shape the person I am today. Thankfully, they love me for ALL of me. Right now, I’m a vivacious girl with an

“I’m not giving up” attitude, navigating through a hectic, but wonderful life!