Anthony Carter

Emerging from the heart of Carson, Anthony (also known as MistrCarter) is creating a musical and visual lane of his own. Organic in sound and on camera, his music and presence has been described as humbly accepting. Musically, MistrCarter draws upon inspirations from favorite artists: Jon B, Tank, and Chrishan. Visually he takes upon the inspirations of Jesse Janedy and Whoopi Goldberg. MistrCarter is a bit of a musical library. He’s a talented songwriter, video personality, and tracking engineer.

A California boy, MistrCarter was born in Torrance, CA and moved to Carson at the age of 12. His interest in entertainment began as a toddler, and he would always coming up with songs with the silliest lyrics. Quickly finding his strong suit, he began singing at age 6, writing songs and making videos at age 18, and professionally engineering at age 23.

Carter’s rich and compelling family history have undoubtedly inspired his musical endeavors. His mother Nicolle Collins sang in the church choir as a child and adult, so songs were always being heard and sung to and around Carter. His father a drummer, engineer and singer as well, played drums for the church that his mom was apart of at the time they met.

MistrCarter has completed and received a certification of completion of Audio Engineering from the Musicians Institute Of Hollywood. There he got a solid foundation of not only audio engineering, but also post production for video. His diverse background and experience has allowed him to create a unique sound and look. Staying true to his roots, MistrCarter is able to create timeless music and video media while giving his listeners and viewers a breath of fresh air.

Anthony currently hosts the Braxton Family Values and Bad Girls Club after shows.

Check out Anthony on Twitter: @MistrCarter

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