Andrew Mena is a Hawaiian-born (California-grown) writer, improviser, actor, comedian, classically trained theatre fella, and general goofball. He has silly tendencies and a knack to dive swiftly toward crazy. He also makes a lot of history jokes. The past is filled with comedy, you guys.

He performs solo stand-up with his ukulele around Los Angeles, as well as improv with his two-man teams “The Puffy Vest Brothers” and “The Chefboyardee Boys,” as well as doing filmed and staged sketch comedy with “The G-Squad 6.” He is the Box Office Manager of the improv theatre and school CSz in Hollywood, and an office intern with The Second City Hollywood.

Andrew is a host here at Afterbuzz and he also produces, writes and is the host of, weekly audio podcast, “The Anytime Program.”