Andrew Mena

Andrew founded and serves as the production manager for The G-Squad 6 Sketch Comedy Group, a merry band of comedians who cater to slightly stranger senses of humor. The sketches, PSAs and webseries they produce have been performed around LA at The Groundlings, iO West, and Sethward’s Show & Tell.

Andrew has twenty years of performance and theatrical experience, performing in all of the school productions available (and some professional ones) while growing up in San Diego. He took so many theater courses during his time studying theater at The University of California at Riverside that he had to be enrolled as a professor to continue performing in the school productions. (True story!) He was among the top 10 in the California High School Speech Association’s State Tournaments from 2004 to 2007.

Andrew is a host for The Anytime Program podcast in which he interviews celebrities, local comedians, and improvisers to much comedic chagrin. He also interns at the Second City Hollywood, where he helps make the funny run smoothly. He is the Box Office Manager of CSz LA and made a small cameo in the pilot episode of The McCarthys on CBS. He has written sketch for YouTube star Anna Akana and frequently collaborates with fellow Second City sketch group The People Zoo. He also performs stand up and sketch around LA and does improv with CSz LA’s REC League. His improv duo The Puffy Vest Brothers went to the finals in CSz LA’s 2015 Dual Duel competition.

Andrew currently hosts the Bob’s Burgers and Van Helsing after shows. Some of his other favorite shows include American Ninja Warrior and Archer. 

Check out Andrew on Twitter: @andrewmena

Check out Andrew on Instagram: @theandrewmena