Andrea Fasano

Andrea may be best known as a hard-hitting New Yawker who can talk sports with the boys, but it’s her buoyant personality and accessible humor that keeps audiences watching her interviews and reading her posts. She graduated with her Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the New York Institute of Technology and started her career as a one-man band producer and host for PresspassTV interviewing athletes and celebrities.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Andrea has enjoyed a successful run on the creative side by producing for unscripted television. From sharing makeup and beauty tips with Style Network’s Emmy-nominated How Do I Look? to facing the rugged outback of Idaho for truTV’s Way Out West, Andrea prides herself on her versatility and knowing her audience. Andrea hopes to grow and work in the fields of hosting and voiceovers as well as continue to produce and learn to create her own stories–both scripted and unscripted–all while documenting her adventures through whichever social media fits the situation!

Andrea currently hosts the Billions After Show. Some of her other favorite shows include Once Upon A Time, Masters of Sex and Mad Men. 

Check out Andrea on Twitter: @AndiFasano

Check out Andrea on Instagram: @andifasano