Abby Vega

Abby is from St. Louis, Missouri.  She went to Mizzou and moved to Los Angeles immediately after graduating to begin working as PA at Bunim/Murray Productions.  She’s always kind of been a social butterfly and loves being around friends and family. She is the second oldest of five kids (4 brothers) and now has 4 step-siblings as well.  Her whole family is in St. Louis so she grew up very family oriented.  She grew up playing a lot of sports, but always had a love for performing and theater.  She definitely forced all her brothers and neighbors to be in movies or plays she came up with.  She always knew she wanted to be in entertainment and knew she loved being in front of the camera, but it took her a while to figure out that she could combine the two in entertainment hosting/reporting, now she is set to make that dream come true!

Abby is currently a host for Are You The One?, UnReal, and Outcast.  Some of her favorite shows include Friends, Sex and The City, and One Tree Hill.  

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