Is There a ‘Witches of East End’ Movie in the Works?

By: Taylor Gates

Fans were devastated when Lifetime gave their beloved supernatural series “Witches of East End” the axe after only two seasons. To make matters worse, the show ended on some serious cliffhangers. Will Freya find out that Dash has switched bodies with Killian? Who is the father of Ingrid’s baby? And how is Wendy doing in the underworld after giving up her last life to keep Tommy alive?

During an Instagram live stream this Sunday, Mädchen Amick—aka Aunt Wendy herself—teased that we might not have seen the last of the Beauchamp women.

Not only did Amick reveal that she misses playing her quirky character and working with fellow actors Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and Julia Ormond, but she also shared that she and some of her co-stars have discussed approaching whoever owns the rights to “Witches of East End” about potentially developing a movie that would wrap up and expand some of the story lines.

In addition to reprising her role, Amick also hinted that, if the film were to happen, there’s a possibility she could step behind the camera as well. Amick has recently directed several music videos, including daughter Mina Tobias’ award-winning “Kings and Queens” and most recently son Sly Beetz’s “Spoken.”

Though nothing is confirmed or in the works yet, this is still great news for fans mourning the show’s cancellation and holding out hope for some answers. In the meantime, you can catch Amick in both “Riverdale” and “Twin Peaks.”