Runaways Season 2 Might Come Sooner Than You Think

By: Oliver Drennan

Tuesday January 16th, a portion of the cast of Marvel’s Runaways invaded AfterBuzz TV to share their experience on being a part of Hulu’s newest hit series, Runaways. Hosts Oliver Drennan, Chae Jones, and Mina Wahab were joined by Angel Parker, Brittany Ishibashi, Kip Pardue, and Ryan Sands in a very special Facebook live event.

Brittany Ishibashi who portrays Tina Minoru shed a little light on her character’s mysterious staff that fans of the comics are dying to learn more about, as well as her hopes for season 2. “Nico says its magic and Tina is adamant that its science. I will say that every bit of things that seem magical in Marvel, it is grounded in some sort of science or tech,” Ishibashi revealed. “I’m excited to see what they would do with that. I would love to see a lot more Staff of One action in season 2, maybe even a Nico/Tina Staff of One showdown.”

Not being an actual member of the prestigious Pride, Kip Pardue who portrays Frank Dean clarified his character’s questionable motives near the end of the season. “The thing that Frank is having a hard time realizing, is the difference between Pride and Jonah and he doesn’t realize that there isn’t a difference and he thinks Jonah is the church,” Pardue explained. “He doesn’t see the connection to Pride, he doesn’t really understand what’s goin on, and maybe he’s playing a game that’s a little bit over his head. But at the same time, people have always underestimated Frank and that’s one of his assets.”

Being the self-proclaimed nerd of the cast, Ryan Sands who portrays Geoffrey Wilder revealed how much being a part of the Marvel Universe means to him. “As a long time comic book fan and fan of all the related media, this is really a dream come true to be able to play in this world.” Sands spoke. “To play a Marvel character-and especially one that looks like me, it’s very special. To work with these actors, to go to set, I have fun at my job. I don’t take that for granted at all. This is a very special experience for me all the way around.”

Eventually when the lengthy wait for season 2 was brought up, Angel Parker who plays Catherine Wilder dropped the news that it might not be as long afterall. “Actually, it’ll be sooner than you think,” Parker assured the panel. “They’re already back and
writing.” So just how long or short will the wait for season 2 of Marvel’s Runaways be? Only time will tell when season 2 of Runaways returns to Hulu. To hear more about what the cast had to say,
check out the full interview below.

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Runaways | Interview w/ Brittany Ishibashi, Ryan Sands, and Kip Pardue | AfterBuzz TV

Runaways | Interview w/ Brittany Ishibashi, Ryan Sands, Angel Parker, and Kip Pardue | AfterBuzz TVHosts interview Brittany Ishibashi, Ryan Sands, Angel Parker, and Kip Pardue.

Posted by AfterBuzz TV on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Film Review | Wonder Wheel

By: Louiza Sharamatyan

It wouldn’t be a Woody Allen movie if we didn’t experience the feeling of domestic boredom, the importance of morals, or lack thereof, raw human condition and of course the question if God exists. It’s a complicated love triangle including a stepdaughter which leaves me to wonder if this film is indeed about Woody Allen’s controversial relationship with his wife, Soon-Yi Previn who is also the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow. Critics break down Allen’s films into comedies and serious films. This film fits into the serious category. Wonder Wheel is set post-war Coney Island in the 1950’s. We see four diverse characters coming together with one common denominator. In this mob drama, Kate Winslet plays Ginny, a love-starved, emotional former actress now a waitress. James Belushi as Humpty,  Ginny’s rough unromantic husband, who is also a dull carousel operator. Justin Timberlake who plays Mickey as well as the narrator of the film as a handsome young lifeguard who aspires of becoming a playwright and Juno Temple as Carolina who is Humpty’s estranged daughter who is hiding from her ex-mobster husband whose crew plans on killing once she is found. First of all, the name “Humpty” just threw me off. I kept imagining our beloved egg Humpty Dumpty having a great fall, but that’s beside the point. I love how the opening scene starts off with Coney Island in the 1950’s, colorful, hopeful, bright and mesmerizing. At times, some of the scenes have shadows of pink and orange and it takes the audience into a fantasy world. Shout out to Vittorio Storaro, who did the cinematography for the film. I truly felt like I was walking through a fun carnival as a child, with no care in the world.

The film focuses on Ginny,  who is in an unhappy marriage and starts to feel alive again when she meets young Mickey at the beach and falls in love. But when Humpty’s  estranged daughter Carolina resurfaces and also starts to also eye Mickey, the true Ginny comes out. Kate Winslet is outstanding in this movie. She is a woman that has deep regrets about her life and her choices. She is a woman whose soul craves love and attention.She is a woman that most women fear of becoming. At least I know that is my fear: To grow old, loveless having pursued the wrong career path. This film taught me to pursue my dreams even harder than before. It taught me to not neglect a child that needs attention and parenting and who is screaming for help by setting random fires. Thanks, Woody!  Ginny is definitely a Woody Allen regular, reminding me of Mia Farrow in The Purple Rose of Cairo.And, and not to mention the whole feel of the love triangle he created in Manhattan. But this one takes us more into a mid-life crisis and suddenly their characters are just stuck with no options and they feel trapped. It’s hard to watch. It’s no coincidence they live right behind that Wonder Wheel which is a metaphor that life is all about wonder and those awful coulda, woulda, shouldas. It was beautiful to watch Ginny light up when she was about to see Mickey. She starts to wear more appealing clothing and looking fresh. The attention of a man is like no other. Humpty is your average “bring home the bacon” type of man who can care less about Ginny’s interests and who always insists on taking her fishing or to a Dodgers game, which Ginny states several times that she is simply not interested. I can imagine how awful their sex life could be. Meanwhile, Ginny’s son from her first marriage is a major arsonist and causes fires which to me, symbolizes the anger he has over his parents’ completely neglecting him.

I am a Woody Allen fan but for me, this one was just a bit repetitive in his themes and characters. I would’ve liked to have a bit more character development and some questions answered.

This film explores the deep questions about the hardships of life, not pursuing your dreams and marrying for the wrong reasons. Also, I think this movie is his way of comforting his controversial family life with his audience because maybe he feels as if it’s time.

When asked why he makes films,  Allen stated, “It distracts me. It keeps me caught up in artistic problems, an endless stream of artistic problems, so I don’t have to sit home and think about those problems which are unsolvable and terrifying. So, the art is a great distraction. I’m thinking about how I can get my second act to work, how can I make this character more credible or less likable or more honest or how can I make this joke funnier. And this is what preoccupies, when I’m working, working, working, but when that work’s not there, its three o’clock in the morning …”

I am guessing there will definitely be Academy nods for Kate Winslet and her incredible monologue scenes. And I love how she somehow is paired again with a young blue eyed stud! Shout out to Leo! I just had to throw that in due to Titanic’s 20th Anniversary coming up. I do want to add that I enjoyed the soundtrack very much. One song, in particular, was “You Belong to me” by Joe Stafford.  Be sure to experience this Wonder Wheel ride coming out this Friday, December 1st, 2017, which also happens to be Woody Allen’s 82nd Birthday. It leaves me to wonder if art is portraying life?



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