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Since its inception, AfterBuzz TV has continually broken news stories that feature on major news sites such as Hollywood Reporter, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Weekly, E! Online and countless others. The amount of exclusives we were breaking gave rise to the idea that we had enough content to be our own news outlet. That launched a division at AfterBuzz dedicated to entertainment news – whether it’s covering movies, TV shows, new media or show biz in general. You can get your fix right here.


By: TK Trinidad FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE- Los Angeles X-PAC 12360 Musician and NWA owner, Billy Corgan is the special guest on X-Pac12360 and talks about his lawsuit against Anthem Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes:, with highlights below: Sean on Jack Swagger joining Bellator Fighting:Good stuff […]

Sean X-Pac Waltman Talks About 30 For 30: Nature Boy

By: TK Trinidad SEAN ‘X-PAC’ WALTMAN TALKS ABOUT 30 FOR 30: NATURE BOY Former Wrestler, Pete Gas is the special guest on X-PAC 12360 and Talks About His Favorite Moment with Vince McMahon Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes:, with highlights below: Sean on Ric Flair 30 for […]

Disney in Talks to Purchase 20th Century Fox

By: Frank Alteri Under CEO Bob Iger’s leadership, The Walt Company Disney has thrived. Disney has grown significantly by purchasing some of the most notable companies and franchises in entertainment, such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar. It appears Iger is not done acquiring new assets. On Monday, CNBC reported that 20th Century Fox has been in discussions with Disney about possibly […]

It’s a Treats! Magazine Halloween

LOS ANGELES, The Mayan Theater, October 31, 2017 Treats! Magazine, hosted its 7th Annual trick or treats! Halloween Party in Partnership with Rolls-Royce Black Badge, Absolut Elyx, and Perrier Jouet. With the theme, “The Spirit of Ecstasy” guests arrived in elaborate and sexy Halloween costumes. Celebrities like Paris Hilton (entrepreneur), Gerard Butler (actor), Scott Eastwood […]

Afterbuzz Talks with The Trunk Club!

October 21, 2017 Dorit Kemsley, Fashion Designer and star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hosted her very strong return to the world of fashion design to preview her new SS18 line, ‘Beverly Beach by Dorit’, amongst celebrity friends, cast mates, and family. As guests arrived to the posh star studded event, specialty Absolut Elyx […]

X-23 Film Being Developed

By: Frank Alteri 2017 has been a significant year for female super heroes. Wonder Woman was a critical and box office success, and X-23’s key role in Logan was so well received, that a solo film is currently in development at 20th Century Fox starring Daphne Keene. Tessa Thompson, who is making her Marvel debut as […]

Film Review | Last Flag Flying

By: Jeff Graham Richard Linklater doesn’t make a bad film. His directorial sensitivity and attention to detail are unparalleled, which promises that any Linklater joint will have at least two or three achingly beautiful scenes. Few directors are able to capture the truth and awkwardness of being alive. His characters always talk, act, and laugh […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE- Los Angeles X-PAC 12360 Sean and the X-Pac 12360 crew breakdown TLC and more this week on X-Pac 12360 Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes:, with highlights below: Sean Waltman Shares His Thoughts On Jeff Jarrett: A lot of the stuff is allegedly […]

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Talks Jimmy Jacobs Being Let Go From WWE

By: Jeff Graham FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE- Los Angeles X-PAC 12360 Lucha Underground wrestler, Johnny Mundo is the special guest this week on X-Pac 12360 and he talks about working with AAA After Taya was Stripped of Her Title Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes:, with highlights below: Sean’s thoughts […]

Film Review | Wonderstruck

By: Elysabeth Alfano With the same combination of eerie and poignant that Director Todd Haynes brought to his films, Carol and Far From Heaven, the characters in his most recent film, Wonderstruck, are also painfully misunderstood in their out-of- the-ordinary lives. In 1927, a young deaf girl, Rose, beautifully shown in black and white, escapes […]

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting will become a movie and TV Series

Written by: Chae’ Jones                                   Babysitter aren’t only the people who make sure that mom and dad get that date night and adult time away from the house. They also might be apart of a secret society who protect children from the monsters under their bed. On “Book Circle Online” our host Chae’ Jones sat […]

Film Review: Wonderstruck

By: Amy Cassandra Striking wonder into the viewers’ eyes is exactly what Wonderstruck did. Todd Haynes carefully crafts this adaption of of an illustrated novel by ‘Hugo’ author Brian Selznick by choosing iconic songs and visually portraying the two timelines accurately. With an iconic face like Julianne Moore’s one of the only downfalls of the […]