Go See “The UMPO of Jurassic Park” Before It Goes Extinct!

By: Phil Svitek

In the latest installment of Rockwell Table & Stage’s The Unauthorized Musical Parody Of series, creator Kate Pazakis tackles the classic 1993 film Jurassic Park. For those uninitiated, each UMPO show picks a popular movie and spoofs the plot and characters through song and dance numbers. The series has proven successful over the years with renditions of Bridesmaids, Hocus Pocus, Home Alone, Rocky, and Mean Girls to name a few.

Our UMPO series has grown its fan base exponentially over the past three years and audiences have been clamoring for the arrival of T-REX and other creatures to populate the Rockwell stage. So I’m very excited about this historic, or shall I say, “PRE-HISTORIC Production!”

Much like in 1993, the question on everyone’s mind heading into this UMPO was how are they going to do the dinosaurs? SPOILER WARNING: Turns out all it took was simple creativity, foam, and the ability to poke fun of real CGI movie production that utilize people walking around with CGI suits playing against the actors. In the movies, these foam ball people get replaced by breath-taking visuals. Here the fun is becoming part of the production. The couple exceptions to this are the T-Rex and The Raptors; but you will have go yourself to find out how they craft those. END OF SPOILER WARNING.

So much so that in fact, during to gags within UMPO Jurassic Park, the production utilizes audience members as part of the story-telling. Be forewarned, you never know who they’re going to pick. It may just be you.

If you aren’t familiar with Jurassic Park, which is hard to imagine, or haven’t seen it in a while, we highly suggest watching it beforehand so the references of UMPO Jurassic Park are fresh because that’s where the real fun lies. They are able to take your favorite characters from the movie and highlight their exact quirks and idiosyncrasies – such as Jeff Goldblum’s portrayal of Ian Malcolm’s use of stutters, repetition and sometimes didactic dialogue. Lesley McKinnell and Amanda Kruger lend their amazing vocals to the production as well belting out some great hits such as What About Us, and  I’ve Got the Power. Keir Kirkegaard does a wonderful job of portraying the stern yet lovable version of Doctor Grant.

Of course, no parody would be complete without taking a stab at Samuel L. Jackson’s character. Not only does Dedrick Bonner do a great job as they satirize his character in the movie, but they borrow from other Jackson troupes including from Snakes on a Plane. You also don’t want to miss his amazing rendition of It’s Raining Men.

The song choices are great even though some may be on the nose like Walk the Dinosaur. Others come out of nowhere when you hear them, you’ll realize how perfect and brilliant the choice is, such as the use of Immigrant Song when… (We won’t spoil it).

You definitely won’t want to miss this show and make sure to bring your friends and family to join in on the fun. You can buy tickets by hitting the link below.