Disney Finalizing Deal With 21st Century Fox to Acquire Assets, Official Announcement Coming Tomorrow 

By: Frank Alteri

The blockbuster deal that will change the film industry forever is becoming a reality. After almost a month of rumor and speculation, it appears that Disney and Fox are closing in on a deal that would send Fox’s wide array of film and TV assets over to the house of mouse. CNBC is reporting an official announcement can be expected on Thursday.

CNBC has also estimated the deal is worth around $60 billion, and considering the plethora of content Disney would be receiving, it’s worth the price. Disney’s pursuit of Fox’s assets is primarily motivated by online streaming. Disney is preparing to launch an online streaming service by 2019, and intends to use Fox’s vast library of movies and TV shows to bolster what they already own. 

This transaction will result in the long awaited return of the X-Men to Marvel. Disney will be gaining the distribution rights to the Fantastic Four, but Marvel’s first family is still partially owned by  Constantine Film. In addition, franchises such as Alien and Avatar would be amongst the many other properties under Disney’s umbrella. 

It would not be out of the question to expect some kind of introduction of the X-Men and Fantastic Four in Avengers 4, as Deadline has previously stated that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is “eager” to integrate the X-Men into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

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