Star Aftershow Panelists Grab Exclusive Interview w/ Lee Daniels

By: Ivanna Williams

AfterbuzzTv’s Ivanna Williams, Raquel Harris and Jill Munroe got an exclusive interview with none other than the Star creator and executive producer, Lee Daniels. Daniels even showed the hosts around his Beverly Hills office and introduced them to the showrunner and writers of the show.

Daniels and Munroe bonded over her unique ability to figure out the storyline (#JillWasRight )…usually. “But sometimes you’re wrong and I look FORWAARD! OH MY GOD!” exclaimed Daniels.

Williams and Daniels discussed the film Dreamgirls and one of her all-time favorite documentaries that chronicles the New York City underground ballroom culture, Paris is Burning, and how both films later became the inspiration for Star.

Daniels said of Paris is Burning, “That was me! I wasn’t voguing because I was too scared, but that was a part of my life.”

Harris who writes short stories of her own asked how Daniels stays on his toes creatively, even when he’s in a slump. Lee says it’s a combination of celebrating his community and finding comedy within his dark past.

“When you live through the AIDS crisis and you don’t have HIV. Like an entire tribe, most of your friends wiped out, most of whom you’ve been intimate with sexually. And you can’t figure out why it is that you don’t have it. You know what I mean? You know I think you have stuff to draw from, and you draw from humor because that was the only place that I could go to. So I think for me I’m always finding something funny in the dark. Also being able to celebrate my community.”

Star will return in Spring 2018 at 9/8c on Fox.