X-23 Film Being Developed

By: Frank Alteri

2017 has been a significant year for female super heroes. Wonder Woman was a critical and box office success, and X-23’s key role in Logan was so well received, that a solo film is currently in development at 20th Century Fox starring Daphne Keene.

Tessa Thompson, who is making her Marvel debut as Valkyrie in “Thor Ragnarok”, has recognized this new opportunity for female led comic book films. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Thompson stated she has already pitched an all female Marvel film in the MCU to Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige. This film would include Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Gamora, Nebula, and Mantis.

“We were sort of speculating on the ways in which it might happen in ‘Infinity War,’ or might not happen, And we thought, ‘No, we should just have a whole movie where we know every day we’re going to arrive and get to work together.’ So we just ran right up to Kevin Feige and started talking about it.”

Kevin Feige is a visionary, and if he can somehow construct Avengers: Infinity War, he can certainly bring this idea to fruition.

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