A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting will become a movie and TV Series

Written by: Chae’ Jones                                  

Babysitter aren’t only the people who make sure that mom and dad get that date night and adult time away from the house. They also might be apart of a secret society who protect children from the monsters under their bed. On “Book Circle Online” our host Chae’ Jones sat with author, screenwriter and director Joe Ballarini to talk “A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”, what his inspiration behind the book was and an exclusive new deal that everyone everywhere will be able to enjoy.

For those who didn’t know that this is the first book in a three book series Ballarinii actually let out some exciting news. Ballarini said, “Three book possibly six and it’s going to be a movie and television series too guys.”

When asked what inspired him to write this book Ballerini said, “I was a babysitter three nights as a child. Someone actually let me look after them. It wasn’t three nights in a row, it was three jobs in row. I should’ve not been babysitting. I was not very good at babysitting so I think that experience always stuck with me. That idea of having so much responsibility put upon you at an early age and saying oh my gosh I don’t know if I can handle this. I don’t like horror films, I like to watch them and think that I’m a lot braver than I am but I’m actually terrified of them. I like this kind of blend comedy and horror that’s in the book and that a lot of times the babysitters in movie are always the one that gets killed first. The babysitters in horror films they are always like is that a cold breeze? And you never really see them again. But I love the idea that the babysitter is super empowered and come prepared. Zip open their backpack and have all their cool weapons ready to go. There is something neat about a secret society of babysitters that look after kids that that’s there job. We don’t really know the truth about them. That they’re actually fighting these gigantic monsters.”

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