By: TK Trinidad

X-PAC 12360

WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Nash is the special guest on X-Pac 12360 and he talks about his fued with CM Punk!

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Kevin Nash Talks About Working With Impact’s Young Talent: Bobby Roode & Samoa Joe: I think I was instrumental teaching them just how to chain wrestle. {Laughs}There was so much talent there, there really was a ton of talent. It reminded me a lot of when we all came to WCW. There was Eddie, Dragon, Benoit, Juventud, Rey -they had so much young good talent and we had the nucleus of older veteran guys to hold them down, cause that’s what you do. I always thought Joe was special and immediately when he got to NXT, I thought he would be a perfect opponent for Brock Lesnar; that it would be a real good match up. Roode was always really solid, I am surprise it took him so long to get into the fold of WWE.

Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman Give Their Thoughts On The Young Bucks Using The “Too Sweet” Hand Gesture:   You created that, that’s your {Sean Waltman} hand signal. You’re the one that came in and told the rest of us…so if anybody should get credit for that hand gesture, it’s you. You showed it to “The Kliq”, it’s our inside hand gesture; so if they want to call it “Too Sweet” that’s fine. I mean I am sure someone created the peace sign, you’re not gonna get intellectual rights on that…It keeps us alive. Sean Waltman: People should try to look at it from the other point of view too. Now there’s a whole new generation of young people that know about us … I just think that they made it fresh again.

Sean’s thoughts on the passing of Ralphie May: The world, not just the comedy world, but the world lost one hell of a human being. Ralphie May was a huge wrestling fan…He was a friend of mine and a friend to a lot of people. There is a lot of people out there hurting. Love you Ralphie, Thank You, Thank You for making everyone laugh, Thank You for being one of the best human beings I’ve ever met.

X-Pac thoughts about the Neville and Enzo situation:I think they (WWE) should have left it on Enzo a little longer. When they put the championship on him…he’s done really well with it.I think people are watching more. Has there ever been a cruiserweight title match main event RAW ever?  No. Some people may not like Enzo, but let’s give credit where it’s due.

X-Pac says he told Triple H to turn Sami Zayn heel: Crazy thing, It might have been 6 months ago,  maybe not that long ago…I was like, they aren’t doing much with Sami Zayn. It’s a crying shame because he’s one of the best talents they (WWE) has. So, I got on my phone, texted Hunter: you should turn Sami Zayn heel. You would not believe how he crapped on that idea. I mean, he thought I was a complete moron for suggesting that (laughs).

Kevin Nash and X-Pac talk about eating chocolate and mushrooms: X-Pac: Do you remember the mushrooms in the chocolate bars? I went to this blues club and this guy had these chocolates but with mushrooms in them, so I brought them back to the room. I don’t know if you guys really believed that they were mushrooms in them until about half an hour later.

Kevin Nash: They said only eat one and we’re eating it like it’s fudge.

X-Pac: Then we’re all tripping out and we go to this fire station that was turned into a gym. Lying in the sunbed tripping out on mushrooms.

Kevin Nash: Lying in the sunbed I had an out of body experience. I thought I was cooking myself. Then I got out of the sunbed and I looked in the mirror and I was gray. I was like I don’t think that’s the right color.”

Kevin Nash and his almost feud with CM Punk:I don’t know if they (WWE) wanted it to happen. When I came back… I had never been there when it was “this is your script and you have to follow it.” So I get there (WWE) and I’m reading his lines and he’s burying me and I have no rebuttals… It’s one of those situations and you know Paul (Triple H) is one of my best friends on earth…   I would’ve liked to see what he (CM Punk) would’ve done if I would’ve just went up there and just bear pawed him in the face. But Paul (Triple H) was the boss.


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