DC Planning to Deemphasize their Cinematic Universe with Individual Stories and a New Label

With the strong exception of Wonder Woman, DC is having a rough time building their cinematic universe. Whether it’s outlandish interpretations of key characters that ignore the source material, or poor scripts with overstuffed storylines, the franchise has not been well received by fans and critics.

According to Vulture’s Abraham Riesman, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment will take a step back from their connective universe in favor of a new concept.

This is not shocking, after the reports of a standalone Joker film being in the works taking place outside the pre-established continuity.

DC plans to separate their films in two groups. One will continue their extended universe, but will focus more on the visions of their directors without having to further the overall narrative. A second unnamed franchise of DC movies will allow filmmakers to produce standalone projects with the liberty to tell whatever story they want, no matter how the character is interpreted in the other universe.

Do you agree with this move by Warner Bros.? Or should they have kept going with their original vision?

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