SYTYCD Final Four: September 18th

By: Tiege Dooley-Panko

The So You Think You Can Dance final four contestants performed together, some of them for the last time Monday night, and emotions were high at CBS Studios!

Jenna Johnson cried on stage dancing with Kiki for one of the last times this season.

Jenna told AfterBuzz TV host Tiege Dooley-Panko she was just sad the season was coming to an end.

“I think I got emotional because I wasn’t on stage with him as much as I have been in the past few weeks and so watching him from backstage and just watching his growth with my own eyes, it’s just crazy and I’m really sad it’s going to be over soon,” Jenna told ABTV.

Contestant Koine Iwasaki said she is sad to see the season come to an end, but she’s so thankful for the experience. She told ABTV host Carla Renata her favorite memory from the season with Marko, her Allstar.

“Before we dance on stage, every week we switch off, and we say a prayer and I need it to dance,” Koine said. “It’s special and I will always remember that.”

As for Lex, he said he wanted to do better than last week so he was focused on that. “It’s not over yet for me,” Lex said. “I feel like I just need to do what I do best.”

As for what we can expect next week during the finale, STYCD Judge Nigel Lythgoe let AfterBuzz TV in on a little secret!

He told ABTV exclusively, that we can expect to see choreographer Travis Wall performing next week with contestant, Lex Ishimoto!

Travis Wall confirmed this information and said he is excited to dance with Lex because he’s a part of his company, Shaping Sound.

SYTYCD Judge Mary Murphy said she feels like a proud parent watching the contestants grow this season. She told ABTV she loves keeping up with contestants from past seasons, too.

“It’s really cool for me and Nigel,” Mary said. “I love it when they call me and I love it when they come down to my dance studio and dance – it’s certainly a rich history.”

SYTYCD Judge Vanessa Hudgens said she loves everyone but it sounds like she has a favorite!

“I think I love Lex. I think that what he can do is unparalleled to any other dancer and it’s very special to just see him doing his thing,” Vanessa told ABTV.

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