Love and Hip Hop’s Zell Swag Talks, Sexuality, Marraige, and Cultural Appropriation

By: TK Trinidad

Stylish and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Zell Swag is the special guest on Afterbuzz TV: Love and Hip Hop Hollywood this week and tells reveles if Princess and Ray J are having a baby.

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Zell Swag Says He is Not Gay:  I don’t Identify as nothing, I don’t identify as bisexual. I identify as Lazell Shaw.I’m 29 years old, I’ve been dating guys since I was 23…I’ve never been in a full relationship with a guy, I’ve only been in real relationships with girls…I came to a point in my life where I want a real family with a wife and kids. With guys it’s truly only sex…with girls I had real relationships.

Zell Swag drops his first Single:I got my first song dripping ft Alexis Skye. It’s a diss track on water balloon lip Masika and Marshmallow man Ray. So Dripping will be on Itunes and all the music outlets on Oct 2nd.

How does Zell Swag deal with Haters: The best thing to do is look good and take a great picture.

Zell Swag thoughts on Cultural Appropriation: I see it all the time. It bothers me. I pick and choose what bothers me and what doesn’t. As a stylish, sometimes I use to get mad when I feel like someone is trying to copy of my style or something like that, but then I stop because that is the reason I’m a stylish. My whole thing is like everything draws inspiration somewhere;                                                                                                                                                                            so why can’t we as black or hispanic or whatever. Why can’t we be the muse. I don’t mind being the muse sometimes… as long we know. WE know where they got it from. I know where you got those braids from Kylie

Zell Swag talks about Teairra Mari leaving Rehab: She was just dealing with a lot of just stressful things just in life and in general. She actually did 90 days. It said 30, so she actually stayed there and did the 90. Which I’m excited for her. Because she’s out now, she’s better than ever. She looks good. Her mind is, she’s very focused. Music is coming. It’s really dope. She’s moving around doing things. I’ve always wanted to be there for her.

Are the Attacks on Mr. Ray Over?: TK Trinidad : So are the attacks done with Mr.Ray, or is it for the reunion special? Will there be another attack or have you decided yet?

Zell Swag:I’m never done! And takes off his gold glasses and sticks his tongue out. Especially if we had no relationship but I could see if we had a relationship that could be patched up then like but like we never had no relationship, I don’t know you.
Zell Swag talks about Maskia and Alexis Skyy’s Relationship: Masika needs to handle this and at least sit with Alexis Skyy and fight it out or talk it out. They owe it to each other to have a grown conversation.

I don’t think Alexis is upset over it, she is so over it. She just wants it to stop and it’s back and forth. She (Alexis Skyy) and Masika still deal with Fetty, they both do. Both of them right now. Alexis still deals with Fetty off and on.
Zell Swag gives Brooke Valentine Relationship Advice:Get a man that don’t have so much baggage…don’t have no man at all, have a career.Leave these bums alone and focus on your career.

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