Hannah Zeile Teases More Teenager Scenes In “This Is Us” Season 2

By Amy Cassandra

AfterBuzz TV’s Amy Cassandra recently caught up with Hannah Zeile of the hit NBC show This is Us at the Kids in the Spotlight Cocktails for a Cause event in West Hollywood. When asked about how she’s feeling about the reception the Big Three have been getting she had this to share. “I’m feeling blessed that people are loving it as much as we are filming it.”

It is clear to see how much fun they have on set with the cast and crew all over social media. What us as viewers don’t get to see is what happens moments before the director yells action. “The way that Milo and Mandy get into scene, before action because everyone sees what happens on screen but beforehand, they improv, they get themselves into character. They really become Jack and Rebecca, they’re not Milo and Mandy anymore and it’s so cool to watch.” said Zeile.

Of course, as honorary Pearson’s ourselves we felt it was our duty to ask for any exclusives for Season 2 premiering on September 26th and Zeile gave us a little inside scoop! “There is going to be a lot more of the teens. I think people are going to be happy to explore the teenage age range. It’s such an important age that so much goes down in a teenager’s life. So I think people are going to be really happy to see the teens.”

We’re really happy to see the teens and the rest of Pearson clan on September 26th at 9/8c on NBC! Make sure to watch our after show airing immediately after only on AfterBuzz TV!