Like Fine Wine, Beatriz At Dinner Gets Better With Time

By: Jeff Graham

When it screened at the 2017 Sundance, Beatriz at Dinner made waves, if only for it’s seemingly prophetic vision. The film, on the surface, is about a Mexican holistic medicine practitioner attending a wealthy client’s dinner party after her car breaks down, but the film becomes much deeper, eventually evolving into a morality play about the complicated racial politics of a post-Trump United States, particularly between blue blood Americans and Latin American immigrants. At Sundance, audiences were shocked by how acutely the film seemed to predict the crucible of tension our country would become following Mr. Trump’s successful campaign and eventual election in 2016.

Because of the film’s subject matter, fabulous performances, and beautifully attuned direction, the narrative plays as well on the small screen as it did on the big one in Park City, Utah last January. Selma Hayek has never been better, and I’m including her star-making turn in 2002’s Frida. The film is being released on Sep 12, 2017 digitally and on DVD.