Narcos Season 3 Released on Netflix: Pablo Escobar’s Replacement—The Cali Cartel

By Sam Curran

This year September rolled around accompanied by the release of the third season in Netflix’s hit TV drama Narcos.  Season 2 left us with Pablo Escobar bleeding out on a Columbian rooftop at the hands of DEA agent Steve Murphy ending the dynasty of the Medellín Cartel. The season 2 finale concluded by revealing the new prioritized target of the DEA—the Cali Cartel.

Steve Murphy left the DEA shortly after the death of Pablo Escobar and was consequentially written out of the script.  Holbrook’s co-star Pedro Pascal who plays DEA agent Javier Peña is assuming the role of our protagonist as well as show narrator.  After developing a significant relationship with Holbrook as the lead of the show I am interested to see how I may take to this change of leads.  This change could argumentatively serve as beneficial to reminding the audience the focus of the show is the cocaine industry, and the players are a secondary focus.  With Escobar and Murphy gone we are given an opportunity to become reinvested in different aspects of the show.

Season 3 will focus on the Cali cartel, a very large, prestigious, and violent organization responsible for smuggling tremendous amounts of cocaine into the U.S. in the late 80s and early 90s following the death of Pablo Escobar.  The leaders of the Cali cartel announce their plan to surrender to authorities on their own terms and must make as much money as they can and however possible, over their final six month period as a drug smuggling organization.  As Peña explains in the season premiere, “When Pablo Escobar killed you, he wanted everyone to know about it”, but the Cali cartel’s best interest is to keep a low-profile, which could prove to cause a viciously bloody battle.